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Game Maker is a drag-and-drop game creation engine with a built-in scripting language for full flexibility in game design. Because of its broad and general nature, Game Maker can be used to produce a great variety of game types such as platformers, first person shooters, puzzle games, strategy games, arcade games or even RPGs.

Game Maker supports a wide variety of resources, and even includes Direct3D support for making 3D games and engines. Resolutions have the ratio of 4:3; frequent resolutions are 800x600 and 1024x768. The Game Maker Language (GML) is a scripting programming language designed to supplement the drag-and-drop interface.

Game Maker Lite can be used free of charge. Game Maker Pro includes a variety of upgrades including advanced drawing functions, 3D support, networking capabilities, extensions and collaboration tools.

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I REALLY, want to get GameMaker. This sounds about right for me. EasyRPG I think would also be fine.
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