Title Source Info
Press Turn Battle System
Based on SMT: Nocturne
05/23/2015 02:03 PM
DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys Compatibility
Fixes compatibility issues in DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys
05/23/2015 04:27 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys
Lets you set some hotkeys to speed up skill/item target selections
05/23/2015 01:56 AM
Spirit Link Tech
Adds a 'Spirit Link' (damage distribution) functionality to a state
05/20/2015 12:48 AM
Cycle Party Members
Cycles the party with one button press (or script call)
05/17/2015 07:31 AM
Better Drops Text
Improves the drops message displayed at the end of battles.
05/17/2015 07:29 AM
Level-up HP and MP Adjust
Adjusts HP and MP during level-up to maintain proportion
05/17/2015 07:26 AM
Overwrite Check
Adds an extra confirmation step when attempting to overwrite save files.
05/17/2015 07:21 AM
Intro Splash Screen
Displays a splash image at the start of the application
05/17/2015 07:17 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Dynamic Data
Stores the changes to the database done by users during game executions
05/16/2015 03:18 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Wrapper Addon to Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony
Lets users wraps many symphony tags into user-defined constants
05/16/2015 02:26 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Item Triggers
Sets some skills/items to trigger effects before and/or after being used
05/11/2015 01:10 PM
Trihan's Dialogue From File v3.00 - now with choice override and evaluated text codes!
Store your dialogue in a text file! No more trawling events to find stuff!
05/10/2015 08:05 PM
DoubleX RMVXA Speed Addon to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
Lets users set action input speed for battlers that auto input actions
05/09/2015 03:11 PM
Stat Allocation System
A simple template that allows the player to allocate points to a stat of their choice.
04/24/2015 06:00 AM
Equipment Performance Enhanced
Give weights to equipment features that will be considered when optimising equipment.
04/20/2015 10:35 PM
Custom Battlelog Text
Have custom text for your battle logs!
04/16/2015 04:07 PM
DoubleX RMVXA State Triggers
Sets some states to trigger additional effects when conditions are met
04/11/2015 11:44 AM
DoubleX RMVXA State Counters
Displays the state icons with remaining turns on their battler sprites
04/11/2015 07:37 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Enhanced YSA Battle System: Classical ATB Compatibility
Fixes compatibility issues in DoubleX RMVXA Enhanced YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
04/11/2015 07:33 AM

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Battle Systems
Modifications, enhancements or replacements for the default battle system
Bug Fixes
Fixes to the default scripts
Custom Scenes and Windows
Addition of new scenes or features, or modification to non-menu/non-battle scenes
Database Systems
Modifications or enhancements to database elements, such as skills, actors, equipment, states, etc...
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Modifications or enhancements to events, event commands, characters or vehicles, character movement, or mini-games
Graphical/Audio Systems
Modifications or enhancements to the graphical or audio systems
Map Systems
Modifications or enhancements to the map scene, such as HUDs, fogs, tiles, parallaxes/backgrounds or onscreen display
Menu Systems
Modifications to the graphical and/or functional layout of the default menu scenes
Message Systems
Modifications or enhancements to the default message system
A script that does not conform to the other categories
Script Compilation/Library
A compilation of several inter-related scripts
Scripting Tools
Tools for aiding in the development of scripts
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Modifications or enhancements to the engine itself