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Hello all, my real name is Jeromy. I'm a video game fan in general, but the way that RPG's make you feel sucked in to an alternate world easily make it my favorite genre (given that the story don't suck.) Aside from that I'm a father and a husband and I work my butt of to take care of my family. I love gaming, but family will always come before anything.

My favorite game... wow, that's a tough one. I'll just list a handful that I really enjoyed in particular order. Only a handful though, there isn't enough space to list them all.

01) Disgaea 3 (PS3)
02) Final Fantasy 5 (SNES, PSX & GBA)
03) Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
04) Dual Orb (SNES)
05) Breath of Fire 3 (PS & PSP)
06) Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
07) Magic Knight Ray Earth (SNES & PSX)
08) Everlong (RM2K3)
09) Enchanted Arms (PS3 & XBOX 360)
10) Jade Cocoon (PSX)

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Tw...
Demo for the VX Ace re-make



Would anyone mind joining my group to design a Rpgmaker 2003 game?

If you get a gamepage up or are willing to tell me more about your project ill help eith playtesting and ideas.

A few tips for you. Is it a horror RPG hybrid, a resident evil style or a clue solving style. Like you would want to give us some more details. Also if you have any info on planned characters that would help. Any special systems in mind? I'd be willing to lend you a hand in some fashion, we just need some more details.

[Poll] So an animal rights group wants to boycott GTA 5... really?

Whut? Can't they get sued for that? O.O

They did get sued and my in-law won, but the point is though, their logic is all kinds of wrong.

EDIT 1: I cant recall off the top of my head which game in the series it was, but I remember a part where you can if you want to run over a cow.

EDIT 2: Its weird though, GTA can promote drugs, prostitution, grand theft and murder but all they care about is animals being killed.

[Poll] So an animal rights group wants to boycott GTA 5... really?

"Guys I don't know if you are aware of this but this is a game where you play as a professional killer, doing all kinds of horrible things for money. And this is the seventh game they've made just like this."
and apparently if you collect 100 coins, you get a 1up

LOL @ you both. LockeZ funny that you mention that, I was just thinking. Since this is the seventh game why is it that they wait till now to try crap like this? Now I could be wrong, but I don't remember them pulling this for prior games in the series, becuse I know that there has been some form of fictional animal violence in the past games. These guys and groups like PETA all drive me nuts.

Years ago PETA cut loose the fence of one of my in-laws farm and four of his cows got loose on the highway and were killed by a car. Their reply was "We were only setting the cows free." I know that has nothing to do with GTA 5, I'm just pointing out how insane these companies can be. Good intentions are no substitute for bad choices.

[Poll] So an animal rights group wants to boycott GTA 5... really?

what about Mario and getting dress up into a catsuit?

If I'm understanding your post correctly I agree. So speaking as their minds should work. It don't matter if it's playful and cartoony or filled with gore. Animal violence is still violence right, it almost sounds hypacritical. Now like I said, I don't at all support REAL LIFE animal abuse in any fanshion, but this is so dumb. Here's the TMZ article on the subject.

I'm new and need help doing custome backgrounds and sprites for RPG Maker

More important, which engine?

Is someone able to take SMBX and update it?

There wasn't any order for him to stop working on it. He just used it as an excuse, because he wanted to focus on his new project Terraria, and he was legitimately concerned that after Terraria went live, his profile would be raised and maybe then Nintendo WOULD start something regarding SMBX.

And since he compiled the code into machine language, it is nigh impossible to reverse engineer that effectively/efficiently/accurately - and if you were going to bother to do that, it'd probably just make more sense to write your own engine anyway.

You can try to appeal to him for the source code, I guess. He might me more amenable to that now that SMBX is a few years behind him. An "anonymous leak" of the source code would be a boon.

I only brought this up becasue I have been toying with both ROM Hacking SMW and using SMBX. While rom hacking is harder, it offers more options.

[Poll] So an animal rights group wants to boycott GTA 5... really?

Right off the bat I want to make it very clear that I love animals. I have 5 cats and two ferrets. Also my wife is a vet tech and dog groomer. Now that being said, I found out today that an animal rights group wants to boycott GTA 5 for it's use of animal violence, now I have several complaints about that.

(1) It's targeted to adults, even has that on the lable people under 17 can't even but it.
(3) It's perfectly ok for people to get torn to shreds in any way thinkable, but run over a cow or hurt any other animal and it's like "Oh no you didn't".
(4) Oh and again... IT'S A VIDEO GAME... for GROWN ADULTS.

If kids get a hold of it, that's not the developers fault. Also, don't get me started on video games can make people to crazy things. That's nothing more then an excuse to try for the insanity plea. So please people of RMN, weigh in your thoughts.

Is someone able to take SMBX and update it?

Ouch, that sucks. Now excuse my lack of programing know how. So someone can't obtain the source code any way other then him releasing it? That sucks, I don't understand why he wouldn't just work on it more or let someone else. From what I understand and read around (I could be wrong) there was no order for him to stop working on it.

Is someone able to take SMBX and update it?

I do understand it's a great program that can do many awesome mario related things. Though there are still things it can't do, like the frog suit for example or other power ups. A whistle, or even changing the (in my oppinion) god awful Super Mario Bros 3 physics. Now don't get me wrong, I love the program but is someone who's good with programing able to pick it up and continue it's progress.

Under Water Help SMBX?

LOL sand is horrible, so I totaly agree. Thanks for answering my question. Though sand is good for trapping an un-suspecting friend in a battle stage you created that they were not aware of.