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Hi. I don't do very much but I certainly try.
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Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.



Homework Salesman

He's in the mines on the fourth floor! I'm pretty sure that event only happens when you've unlocked it so make sure you're prepared and collect your party members and go rescue him!

Homework Salesman

Hiatus is a way of saying cancelled while leaving the door open for returning should the opportunity arise. I hope it does because HWS was a lot of fun. But sometimes when your brain has moved on, it stays moved on.

For a while I wasn't working on anything to be completely honest and I don't really want to get on why I wasn't. But right now, I'm working on an RPG that might actually live to see the light of day (because my other ideas sure haven't). You can find posts I'm making here (for any project really I'm a busy bee sometimes): if you're really curious. Can't 100% say it won't be more vaporware yet! But we'll see.

Homework Salesman

Did you make sure you had the fonts? I'm not entirely sure why none of the numbers won't show up.

But as to your other question, this is on hiatus atm. The project grew a lot larger than either of us have anticipated and we are currently working on other things. Them's the breaks guys. Maybe one day we'll be reinvigorated and get back to it.


You're still working on this! :D Yay!

Misaos results are in! Who won?

Thank you for those who voted on Homework Salesmen! You guys are sweet and I hope we can continue to live up to what you guys expect! :)

Homework Salesman Review

Thank you for your thoughts! I'm glad you had fun (and glad some monsters did make you laugh--that was our intent!) and I hope with further installments, we'll be able to build upon what we did well and fix up what we may have not done as well as we'd hope.

Again, thank you for your words!

(Here's hoping for more Misaos! Come on guys! :D)

Star Stealing Prince

does the game work on windows 8 ???

I can play it on Windows 8!

The Featured Game Thread

So we're selling Misaos now instead of stealing them? 8D

Homework Salesman

Thanks for the Featured Game, RMN! We've both been pretty inactive lately but we've been trying to get started like hardcore on Chapter 2! We're getting our ideas generating again and are doing our best. Thank you guys for sticking with us and I hope we can keep trucking along to get you guys Chapter 2!

The Featured Game Thread

Even though you guys are arguing about Pom, I wanted to thank you guys for the feature on HWS! We've both been pretty inactive lately but thank you guys anyway!