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IGMC Results + Updates

I'm glad you guys took home the engine prize for RPG Maker! :D Congratz!! For a second I thought the After also included all the sparkles. I'm sad no sparkles (I'm kidding! unless you wanna add sparkles...) but I think the slight change in portraits will help out to keep things fresh!


Because they must have thought it interesting enough to be worth the download! :D

Hot dog, we made it to the Top 10!

Of COURSE you guys did! You guys are awesome! I'm gonna cross my fingers for you guys!

Homework Salesman

I'm gonna level with you guys. Chances are, this is all you get. Yes I know it says Hiatus (I'm gonna change that right now) but we want to do something to wrap it together for you guys so it can officially be called complete. Cause really, it has a beginning and an end. The truth of the matter which I think I've already said is that it just got too big for either of us to finish it to our satisfaction.

We're gonna try to make some time to spruce up what we have so far so it can legit be called complete and please look forward to our plans for RPG Maker MV. Fans of HWS have something to look forward to (and even still something to look forward to for RPG Maker VXAce whenever I get off my ass and work faster).


Well... Nadezhda and Svetlana are female names...


Gotta keep them cookies coming! Gotta keep that sugar high going!


Can you get a sugar high in this game? SUDDENLY SO FAST then SUDDENLY SO CRASH. Also that cake looks REALLY yummy. I'll just be staring at all the drawn food when I play getting hungry!

Developin' Makes Me Feel Good

That must have been quite an undertaking to clean up common events! I'd be SO worried about breaking something!

I'm glad you guys are doing more with this! :D :D

Star Stealing Prince

Do you mean the boss phantom? Then no. In my infinite wisdom I was actually an idiot and put the ghost you have to talk to in another room. I don't know why I apparently thought it was a good idea at the time.

If you're following the guide and you really do mean the boss phantom, then you skipped ahead too fast in the guide and got confused. Go back to the main big room and get to the southern exit (if you're having issues finding it, turn on your map arrows). In that room there is a waterfall and there's a ghost at the very bottom. After him then you go north and talk to the ghost that appears near the water. And I've checked, if you talk to the ghost/phantom/whateverthehellicalledit and after he taunts you, the right variable is switched to make the ghost/whatever show up near the water in that room.)

I've definitely learned my lesson with underground caves...

it's a ~vintage~ poster

Very cute! Very vintage! :D