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Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.




Well... Nadezhda and Svetlana are female names...


Gotta keep them cookies coming! Gotta keep that sugar high going!


Can you get a sugar high in this game? SUDDENLY SO FAST then SUDDENLY SO CRASH. Also that cake looks REALLY yummy. I'll just be staring at all the drawn food when I play getting hungry!

Developin' Makes Me Feel Good

That must have been quite an undertaking to clean up common events! I'd be SO worried about breaking something!

I'm glad you guys are doing more with this! :D :D

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Do you mean the boss phantom? Then no. In my infinite wisdom I was actually an idiot and put the ghost you have to talk to in another room. I don't know why I apparently thought it was a good idea at the time.

If you're following the guide and you really do mean the boss phantom, then you skipped ahead too fast in the guide and got confused. Go back to the main big room and get to the southern exit (if you're having issues finding it, turn on your map arrows). In that room there is a waterfall and there's a ghost at the very bottom. After him then you go north and talk to the ghost that appears near the water. And I've checked, if you talk to the ghost/phantom/whateverthehellicalledit and after he taunts you, the right variable is switched to make the ghost/whatever show up near the water in that room.)

I've definitely learned my lesson with underground caves...

it's a ~vintage~ poster

Very cute! Very vintage! :D

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The only thing I can really suggest is talk to more ghosts? It's been SO long since I've even looked at this game I'm not sure why there wouldn't be on there if a ghost said there was one.

If you spoken with the ghost who is the reason for the phantom boss (pretty sure he taunts you or something? and Snowe reminds you there are probably other ghosts around), right after that another ghost should have appeared in the room near the water.

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If you didn't get the Scary Mask from the child NPC before you went to Sabine Forest, it should have been outside one of the houses in Sabine. If it's not there are you sure you don't have it cause I thought it was hard to miss. As for Sandstorm... it should be in the Guardian Shrine where you got Relenia at. It's in one of the side rooms: .


I USED deep breath and then the next turn he gave me more spit fire! BUT YEAH I think I get the gist of the game now! Definitely gonna be playing more later! The visuals so far are really nice so you guys did a wonderful job with that.


So I hadn't tried to show him a news paper headline or whatnot cause I didn't realize I had them! So lemme try replicating the part I was at and try using one of those. EDIT: Okay now he's kicking my ass since he's angry. GIMME A FEW MINUTES lol

EDIT 2: Okay yeah. In my haste I totally did not figure out how to switch to the items (I had dinner waiting okay) so yeah that was just me being silly. I have learned though I would not make it in the world of exorcisms. Can't even figure my way out of a paperbag! Although god damn, if he's angry he really does not give you a sec to figure it out! It's all HERE'S SOME BOOZE and everyone's all angry!