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I'm just me. I've been fiddling with game making since I was a teenager in high school. At any given moment, chances are I am working on something. Be it writing, a game, graphics--anything. I just can't sit idle and not focus on something creative.

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Misaos results are in! Who won?

Thank you for those who voted on Homework Salesmen! You guys are sweet and I hope we can continue to live up to what you guys expect! :)

Homework Salesman Review

Thank you for your thoughts! I'm glad you had fun (and glad some monsters did make you laugh--that was our intent!) and I hope with further installments, we'll be able to build upon what we did well and fix up what we may have not done as well as we'd hope.

Again, thank you for your words!

(Here's hoping for more Misaos! Come on guys! :D)

Star Stealing Prince

does the game work on windows 8 ???

I can play it on Windows 8!

The Featured Game Thread

So we're selling Misaos now instead of stealing them? 8D

Homework Salesman

Thanks for the Featured Game, RMN! We've both been pretty inactive lately but we've been trying to get started like hardcore on Chapter 2! We're getting our ideas generating again and are doing our best. Thank you guys for sticking with us and I hope we can keep trucking along to get you guys Chapter 2!

The Featured Game Thread

Even though you guys are arguing about Pom, I wanted to thank you guys for the feature on HWS! We've both been pretty inactive lately but thank you guys anyway!

Star Stealing Prince Review

It needed to be said?

What do you think a lot of people have been SAYING for the past 5 pages?

Yes, some people have said the reviewer needs to learn how to play games, but there are multiple people who have said that no, everyone shut up this reviewer can review however he wants. You coming in here after the fact, after the stuff blows over, to add the LAST opinion is really really ludicrous. Did you read the other five pages?

Also, sleep never misses Lorel. It won't miss on the first try unless VX really likes to screw over how I set everything up.

Just please, let the conversation die. What's been said has been said for the past five pages.

Star Stealing Prince Review

You have to forgive Snowe, he lives in fantasy steampunk inspired land. I don't think they have toasters.

Star Stealing Prince Review

I don't think Astra would want to get into a fight with Shroud! Unless he threatens Snowe or Erio she probably wouldn't even dream of it. Same with Hiante, if Stoic isn't threatening Astra or Erio, he wouldn't even try (but if he does who knows what'll happen).

Star Stealing Prince Review

Guys, I think we get it. This review is staying up. I've said my piece about it and so have so many of you, so stop coming out of the woodwork to complain about people complaining about it. We're going in a circle here and it's not fun.

I have no authority to make any of you listen but come on. This is going on too much and I really don't want people to know SSP as the game if you give it a bad score, people will bitch until their heads pop off.

(also if you barf up your food after eating at a restaurant you are allowed in my mind to make a bad review if it's because of food poisoning. I don't think SSP gave anyone food poisoning. Oh god I hope it didn't.)