I liked Tomba 2! a lot better than the first one. One of those rare moments in the video game industry where the sequel outshines the original. Loved all the quests you could do in that game (although if I had one negative it was that the boss fights were a little too easy once you found them). Still, so many great memories from Tomba. I wish he would come back!
@Mateui: I had a demo of the second game, but I never played the full version. I remember reading reviews where people said it was a big improvement. I may have to check it out after I finish this one. ^ ^ (Assuming there's an iso for it).
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I just watched your Slender LP.

I would shake your hand if I knew you in real life.
@Solitayre: Thank you sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. ^ ^7

Tomba learns a foreign language the same way most of us dry humping the teacher's face.

^ Wrong link? Sends me to the Slender video.
Ah crap, you're right. Sorry about that. Fixed!
Sorry about the late on today guys. Had some issues editing. I added a little something new at the beginning of the video which I think I'll be doing with all future videos as well. Let me know what you all think!

Super RMN Bros. 3
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Note to self: crack down on ruthless secret stars in SRW.

I left you a little advice in the comments for that video, Nico, and I'll see what else I can help reveal for you later. By the way, you didn't find either of the stars in Block Sea.
@hali: Sigh...alright. I still don't know where though. I feel like I looked everywhere.

Btw, I've noticed my Super Mario vids aren't getting very many likes lately. Am I talking too much perhaps or being a little too goofy? I also noticed a similar decrease in the Tomba ones (not dislikes, mind you, but just less likes than usual). Do people still want me to continue that one?

EDIT: Or maybe I'm just sucking too hard at Super RMN Bros..... orz
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I wouldn't sweat it. They've only been up a short while. I've been enjoying Tomba, and I'm obviously liking SRB3. I wouldn't stress over it much.

Though I am in the boat of people that favors shorter videos. Maybe 20 minutes tops?
I wouldn't sweat it. They've only been up a short while. I've been enjoying Tomba, and I'm obviously liking SRB3. I wouldn't stress over it much.

Though I am in the boat of people that favors shorter videos. Maybe 20 minutes tops?

Yeah, that's what I've been thinking too. These past few videos I've done were made a few days ago, before people really brought it up to me. My next ones will be shorter.
Personally I'm not really much of a fan of watching you play platformers that much since there's hardly any dialogue in them and I think your videos shine the greatest when the game you are playing has tons of written speech that you can play off of, or a continuing storyline where we can hear your thoughts about it. That's why I enjoy the character/story-focused RPG vids the most.
Hi, thanks for LPing Desert Nightmare! I wasn't aware of it until just now, when I found out that someone else is currently in the middle of LPing it.
@AznChipmunk: Sure man. Funny that you should mention that. The other guy, Cry, is a pretty popular LPer. When he posted his video, I got a ton of subscribers. I think my videos must have shown up in the Related Video feed, and I guess people liked what they saw, because I got like 60 new subs in about a day! Woohoo! Talk about good fortune! Now I'm really glad I LPed that game, haha.

Two videos today! I've been trying to post two videos at least a day, but the editing process is taking longer than it used to (custom thumbnail, intro, etc). I think it's worth it though! ^ ^

Finally started on Magnus Light, and I aid a convicted felon in Tomba!


The Magnus Light
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Since you seemed to enjoy my demo of Iniquity and Vindication, I was wondering if you would enjoy LPing my finished game, Vindication? It's quite long and you already did one of my games so obviously I'm not going to push this. I'd say only do it if you think you'd enjoy it, and feel free to quit at any time. But I would definitely have fun watching you play it.

Also, I see Cosplay Crisis is on your list of games to LP. I'd enjoy seeing that one too, so I just wanted to second that nomination. I played an earlier beta build of the game with a lot of bugs and still had a lot of fun.
@LockeZ: I may check it out once I've made a bigger dent in my list. And yeah, I've already done some vids of Cosplay. Need to get back to that one.

Better late than never I suppose. I was really tired when I came home from work today, so I didn't get around to recording til later.

Apparently, all mercenaries are good for are fetching fish.

The Magnus Light
This may be too premature a post, as I took down my game's previous download and am finishing up a new beta release currently, but I've been watching some of your LP's and really enjoying.

I was wondering if you'd consider LT'ing my game Cicatrix when I release the next iteration! I suppose you can put it on hold at the bottom of the list for now or something.
@Stedar: No, I won't play Cicatrix...but I will play Hero I: Ephren's Journey! :P Kidding kidding. But yeah man, I'll give it a looksie. Just let me know when it's ready.

No new vids tonight guys, but I am recording a bunch. I'm going to the beach next week, so I won't be around to make videos. So I'm recording some ahead of time and will release them using YouTube's cool new schedule feature. Not sure I'll have enough to fill in all the days I'll be out of town, but hopefully most days will have at least one new video. ^ ^
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Boop, looks like I'm too late with that SRB3 advice. I'll get back to you on all that later, then. Have fun at the beach!
Hey guys,

So I wasn't really able to get many videos edited and ready before I was able to leave, so I won't be having many videos posted while I'm at the beach. But I'll make sure to make up for it when I get back.

Here's one I started before I left. It's an indie horror game called Home, and it's got a sexy style for sure.


Also, last night I was a guest ChaoticMonki's (aka Cry) livestream, a very popular youtuber. You can check out what happened at this link:

I show up around 1:18:00 and stay for about an hour. We played Team Fortress 2, which I have never played before (and was really laggy on my old laptop), but I did my best! Also, apologies if I sound a little goofy, I was pretty nervous, haha. Cry said I could join next weekend again when I am on my new computer, so hopefully it go better next time. ^ ^

Also, my channel has reached over 1000 subscribers. Thanks to all of you who have subbed me and a big thanks to Cry for putting a spotlight on my channel. I will do my best to continue to provide you all with awesome daily videos. Cheers!