If you are new to making games, chances are you have a lot of questions for how to use your program! That's okay, everyone started out new at this hobby. Here are a few suggestions for helping you get started.

If you need to learn more about how to use your maker, it is suggested you check out our useful Tutorials on the various engines:

A few helpful articles about getting started:

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Which Maker should I use? A very common question around here, and the answer likely depends on your needs and your level of skill at programming. Most experienced users suggest that new users start with RPG Maker VX Ace due to its flexibility and ease of use and comprehensive functionality. Those more experienced at programming may find RPG Maker too limiting and may be more comfortable using a more advanced engine such as Game Maker or Construct 2.

Most important tip of all: have fun!

Showcasing your game can be just as important as designing a good game, when it comes to getting people to play it! Here are some tips for getting the word out and getting noticed and getting (and giving!) good feedback.

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For tips on reviewing games:

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