Mission Statement

To be the definitive source for the creation of RPGs, its history, its future; to provide a platform for amateur game developers to grow and succeed no matter their skill level; and to forge an open-minded community that can share experiences, best practices, and constructive criticisms. 'Til all are one!

Services For Developers:

  • Project hosting for amateur and indie games, subject to approval. Hosting includes a customizable gameprofile with the ability to post blogs, add custom pages, and edit a subset of the CSS.
  • Information and downloads for a wide variety of popular RPG and other genre engines.
  • Articles, tutorials, scripts, plug-ins and the general utilities needed to help make your game shine.
  • Forum dedicated to game design and development, including a help forum.

Services For Players:

  • The largest collection of RPG Maker games on the net, along with an array of games from other genres and engines.
  • User submitted reviews and ratings to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • General forums to discuss videogames, politics, or post pictures of your kids.


The current iteration of rpgmaker.net began development in 2003, though the first version of 'RMN' was not released to the public until June 2007. The site was founded by members Holbert, WIP, and ankylo. The trio swore an oath in a peach garden to fight injustice in and promote the advancement of the RPG Maker community. WIP was responsible for developing rpgmaker.net as a powerful web application and continued to manage the site after the other founders parted ways. Many other users contributed to the design and community development aspects of rpgmaker.net, including MrY, kentona and YDS.

'RMN2' was released in January of 2008 and was a refinement of the barebones, no-frills version of the original release. By June of 2009 'RMN3' launched, becoming the framework for a much flashier and functional website with community events, site-supported podcasts, and substantial updates to project hosting. The current version, 'RMN4', launched in August 2011 -- it's what you are looking at now! The site was then operated by a newer triumvirate of Holbert, kentona, and ankylo. But as of November 2011, it is just kentona. (the poor guy...)

The domain name rpgmaker.net itself has a storied history in the community, which we won't go into here.


RMN is, at its core, a hobby site running off of donations of time and money. The goal is simple: Host games and help facilitate communication between developers and players. The developers here are passionate about their craft and RMN provides a platform for them to share their works and expertise with others. The players here (and there is much overlap in this group with the developers) are as equally passionate and love to play games, especially RPGs. We like to make games. We like to play games. If your game is on this site, we should be able to play it.

But really...

RMN is an American website operated by a Canadian written in English with a global memberbase largely revolving around Japanese software.