1. Refrain from personal attacks

If you disagree with users, aim your rebuttals and comments at their ideas and points, and not the people themselves. In other words, don't be a dick. Name-calling, slander/libel, and other forms of personal attacks are off limits in our community. Retaliating in kind should be kept to personal forms of communication, if done at all.

2. Do not troll

Intentionally posting false and/or controversial comments just to annoy or anger users is immature and not allowed. We all engage in the occasional bout of trollish behavior, regardless of intent, but it's always a net negative to the community because it can annoy others and distract from our focus of making and discussing games.

3. Avoid necroposting

Dredging up a topic from last year serves little purpose, as ideas and opinions have changed, and old debates are often best left untouched to avoid retreading the same ground. There are some exceptions, and these rules do not apply to game profiles.

4. Advertising is not allowed

Topics that are exclusively ads for other games and commercial websites are forbidden. Additionally, game topics are not allowed - we have intricate game pages for such content, and we encourage all users to use them to the fullest!

5. Alt accounts are forbidden

Alternate accounts are secondary usernames used to mislead other users or gain an edge in a debate. A similar concept, "meatpuppets", involves using the screen name of a friend to gain some sort of advantage. Neither are allowed. This is not a political circus; paranoia and deceit are not things that should be widespread on a site that relies on networking.

6. Do not share illegal links

This means no links to anything illegal, period. Any links to anything illegal will be automatically deleted. This includes links to RM2k/3 downloads

7. Be courteous

Be polite and fair in your contributions to RMN, be they posts, games, reviews or the like. Refrain from posting image macros or other internet memes.

Keep in mind that by posting screenshots or blog entries, you'll inevitably push other people's contributions off the front page. Although this is unavoidable, it is common courtesy to put some extra effort into creating entries with actual content.

Accept criticism without lashing out. Keep in mind that feedback isn't a personal attack and people have the right to like/dislike any games or material they want.

Give criticism without making it an attack. Rationalize or justify your criticism, and deliver it with tact.

8. Be patient

Be patient when submitting something to the database and avoid posting messages along the lines of: "What's taking so long?!" It might take a few days before your game gets approved.

This also applies to giving or receiving suggestions and feedback. People are more receptive to polite requests than to aggressive comments and it might take a while before certain features are implemented.

This is not an exhaustive list of punishable offenses, merely a guideline of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. The application and consequence of breaking this code of conduct is up to the moderator's discretion.