Title Source Info
CGT Name Input Font Fix
Makes the default Name Input screens font-agnostic
06/27/2023 03:05 PM
RPG Maker 2k Characters in XP
Use your old RPG Maker 2000/2003 characters in RPG Maker XP!
09/11/2022 02:08 AM
Follow Trail (VX Ace)
A script allowing events to follow the player's movements exactly.
09/07/2022 06:19 PM
DoubleX RMMV Status Bars Compatibility
Fixes DoubleX RMMV Status Bars compatibility issues
02/06/2022 06:54 AM
Create Window Rpg Maker MV (Plugin)
01/07/2022 07:54 PM
MMG - DLC Support
An internal plugin that I use for adding DLC to my game
03/14/2021 07:38 PM
MMG - Load Game Menu Option
Why should you only be able to save in the menu?
03/14/2021 07:36 PM
MMG - Luck Removal
Two scripts for making luck do nothing and removing it from the UI
03/14/2021 07:35 PM
MMG - Critical Damage Multiplier
Set a custom value for all critical hits
03/14/2021 07:30 PM
Weather on title screen
Displays weather effects on the title screen
02/12/2021 01:26 AM
Witch's House Menu (basic)
A menu similar to Witch's House
12/25/2020 02:18 AM
MJMJS - Title Logo MZ
itle logo allows you to replaced the text title to a title logo without sacrificing size and redesign your title screen image.
11/18/2020 03:41 PM
DoubleX RMMV Action Input Timer
Lets you sets a timer that will cause all actors not inputted actions yet to have their turns skipped in turn based battles
09/06/2020 05:28 AM
DoubleX RMMV Superlative ATB
To be the most flexible, performant and powerful ATB system framework with the greatest amount of freedom while being user-friendly
08/31/2020 11:09 AM
DoubleX RMMV Preloaded Resources
Lets you sets some audios/images to be loaded upon game start. This should boost the FPS on phones noticeably if there's enough memory.
07/07/2020 04:01 PM
Include chapter information / map name in save file title
06/14/2020 07:20 PM
Call an event instead of battle on random encounter (MZ compatible)
06/14/2020 07:14 PM
DoubleX RMMV Autobattle Bugfix
Lets you fixes leaked side effects bugs when an autobattle actor has skills/items with damage formulae having side effects
06/07/2020 06:15 AM
DoubleX RMMV Skill Progress
Lets you to set some skills to progress to some other skills after gaining enough skill experience and meeting some prerequisites
04/28/2020 12:11 PM
Marrend's Summer Breeze Projects
A small collection of code-bits that I made during the Palettes Make Event.
04/15/2020 12:05 PM