Title Source Info
Play RPG Maker XP games in Linux
Play RPG Maker XP games in Linux
08/18/2023 04:34 PM
Making a Working Linux Build in RPG Maker XP
Tips and trick on how to make a working Linux build for RMXP
08/08/2023 04:21 PM
Fall Damage Tutorial
How to deal damage to a falling player
02/04/2023 07:25 AM
Image Based Cutscenes
A method to do cutscenes in Pixel Game Maker MV
01/23/2023 08:58 AM
Custom Battle System - Turns
Determine turns in a custom battle system using a base stat such as speed.
08/09/2022 08:24 PM
How to make sliding bookcases, pillars, etc.
Tutorial to make items for sliding, puzzles.
03/14/2022 02:14 AM
Change the loading spinner
Replace the loading spinner that appears with your own GIF.
11/14/2021 04:49 AM
How to Change Actor's Graphic
Tutorial how to change actor graphic with no loss of level, equip, etc.
10/25/2021 01:52 AM
Creating a game without installing RTP in VX
Game can start without the need to install RTP.
08/29/2021 04:57 AM
RMMZ - Change Font on GamePlay
Only Rpg Maker MZ
07/08/2021 02:14 AM
Custom Random Encounter System
A versatile random encounter system for devs who may want to play outside the system defaults.
05/01/2021 08:27 PM
Moving one event from one map to another (eventing)
A semi-complex way on how to make an event, for example a boulder, go from one map to another.
05/01/2021 03:22 PM
You can have an item, chest, etc. fall from the ceiling or from the sky.
03/13/2021 04:27 PM
Trap and Trapfinding System
A relatively easy to create trap system using Random Number Generation
01/20/2021 11:45 PM
Monster Kill Quest With No Scripts
A Monster Kill Quest where the player can keep count of Kills.
12/23/2020 11:30 PM
Simple Light Urns to reveal a Hidden Stairway Event
Puzzle event using only Events, Switches and Conditional Branches.
12/03/2020 05:19 AM
Loading Screen Common Event...(WOLF RPG)
You know how when you transfer from map to map there's a Lag a bit from a certain event! well this is a loading screen to cover the screen for short amount of time to load those thing properly
08/30/2020 05:22 AM
How to make Door Animation (WOLF RPG)
Animation of A Door, although this is not really exactly that Good... but it's quite bit okay for me
08/30/2020 05:13 AM
Emoticon Common Event Tutorial (Wolf RPG)
This Tutorial is how you put a Emoticon on the Hero or the NPC
08/30/2020 05:04 AM
[Maniacs] Simple custom damage popup
A very quick way to customize the damage popups in your game.
05/06/2020 08:23 AM