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Well, eventually the game will be finished. Also, I got different tilesets and that area has changed and the hospital. So, I will put new screenshots up and add more to the description. So, I hope the newer version of that area will be better.
And let's not get into the Persona or SMT series who religion-drop like mofos. It's not such a big deal nowdays, really, even if anyone considers it. It's pronounced quite differently to boot (jood vs juh-dehk), so you're not likely to get too many people seeing similarities. I certainly didn't.
Xenogears made an entire game out of the concept of killing God. Final Fantasy Tactics was a plot that paralleled the Catholic Church's grip on medieval society. Dragon Age deconstructs the failings of organized religion.

Jude/Judea is a drop in the bucket compared to the lot of games, and many of those games don't inspire controversy from audiences even when dealing with controversial topics. I think I should be alright.
And Jude itself is a derivative of Judea! Though, yeah, while I doubt that many people would remember what Judecca means, the whole thing shouldn't matter when put into these comparative terms.
I doubt it, man. It doesn't even break the top 100 in terms of controversial things in RPGs, in either JRPGs or WRPGs. If anything, Judec is a derivative of Judecca, and not Jude.
Nice! Though, I wonder: have you been concerned people might take the location and entity names a wrong way? I mean:

Rosevelt => Roosevelt - doesn't really affect much.

However, Judec => Jude => ...Oh shit, some mini-controversy is bound to happen.
Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your suggestions, and I will be implementing them soon. I hope to have a playable demo available soon, be on the look out!
Um ... I'm find it pretty simple and empty ... you should check for another resources instead of using the crappy rtp graphics!. Try putting more bushes and trees and adding detail to the floor.

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