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I vote #4. The bolded version looks a little washed out.
Here are a few tests of larger fonts (normal and bold):

Which one offers the best readability?
Here the dialogue box size depends on the amount of text it has to display.

Right now, font size is hard-coded so I need to make all text printing functions more flexible. Improving readability by testing larger font is definitely worth the effort.

It's probably also worth cheeking the ratio screen-height/font-size of other games. With the current font, we can fit 64 lines on the screen height. It was OK for a strategy game like MinST but seems too much for an action RPG.
Hmm. I don't really have a recommendation. I grew up with dialogue boxes that consumed a third of the screen, but that won't work for what you're doing. Maybe go 10 or 12 pixels high for now, and see what feedback you get when it's playable.
How much larger would you recommend? The current font is 8 pixels high with 1 pixel interline spacing.
I'd be in favor of a slightly larger font. It's one thing when I'm sitting in front of my PC, and another when I'm leaning back into my couch.
My name is totes more readable now
Pretty easy to read for me, so I guess you did a good job.
Above is a prototype of the speech display. It displays speech and/or thought, left or right of Lya. Balloon size fits the text input. Feel free to comment.
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