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Got almost 15 hours of project work done this weekend. Not sure whether to feel accomplished, or angry that I've been a slacker??
08/15/2017 05:30 PM
I just finished backing up my projects, so here's a reminder that y'all should do the same.
08/12/2017 03:59 PM
Streaming the GAYmak games. Jump on it if you've the time!
08/11/2017 12:54 PM
Just one week until release of my new game, so hyped!
08/10/2017 06:43 PM
Working on TCS Chapter 5. The last one.
08/09/2017 08:39 AM
y'all want a short summer review jam?
08/08/2017 02:48 PM
The existential dread feeling of thinking nothing you do could ever matter and you're not important and you will be forgotten
08/08/2017 01:05 AM
08/07/2017 05:03 PM
08/07/2017 04:54 PM
08/07/2017 03:56 PM
08/07/2017 02:28 PM
08/07/2017 07:36 AM
back after a long, long time! I'm a little too much excited to see what I'll do now, I hope I'll eventually learn from my past, and hope to make better games <3 All I need is your guys support and love
08/05/2017 08:53 PM
I like comments. Comment here.
08/05/2017 12:34 AM
I like condimenting people. Comment here I'll condiment you <4
08/04/2017 12:41 PM
I like complimenting people. Comment here I'll compliment you <3
08/03/2017 11:14 PM
Fluff and flavour text for days!
08/02/2017 10:35 PM
One more week until Worldcon 75
08/02/2017 09:44 AM
How could I change my username?
08/01/2017 12:13 AM
I’m gonna be guesting on a friend’s radio show tomorrow afternoon, playing Japanese tunes. Feel free to tune in from 2-4pm ET on!
07/31/2017 09:02 PM