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Looking for a time to have a nap
09/26/2023 08:19 PM
Current mood: Just ate a pinecone
09/20/2023 06:07 PM
You keep saying I have no games, BUT WHERE ARE YOURS? WHERE ARE THEY? I DON'T SEE 'EM!
09/16/2023 11:50 PM
if rpg maker 2k is so good, where's the sequel
09/15/2023 02:42 PM
09/14/2023 10:39 PM
09/14/2023 04:04 PM
PSA: DO NOT Use Unity (Or RM Unite)
09/14/2023 12:20 AM
Another day where I wish I'd picked a different name
09/12/2023 10:59 PM
So I hardly go into a shame spiral anymore over Befuddle Quest 7 whenever it is brought up
09/12/2023 12:52 AM
13.4 GB of RPG Maker games
09/10/2023 01:36 AM
I wonder what it's like to have friends?
09/09/2023 02:24 AM
Can we all just... chill out?
09/09/2023 01:48 AM
Summer Movie Wager is just a battle for 2nd place any given year imho
09/07/2023 03:59 PM
I need to gam mak
09/05/2023 06:09 PM
Registered Gamer
09/05/2023 02:40 PM
Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams event is now live
09/03/2023 05:25 PM
Registered Lurker
09/02/2023 11:04 PM
Hymn to the Earless God's KICKSTARTER is LIVE, Holy Crap :DDDDD
08/30/2023 05:34 PM
I need to personally create that RM2K3 even soon, while the iron is lukewarm
08/29/2023 10:45 PM
I'd like to personally curse Darken's Renaissance idea for making me workshop the outline for some classic 2k3 vaporware I really don't have the time for at work today
08/29/2023 08:59 PM