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You know what, over the last three or four months I've been around, I've found the RMN community to, on the whole, be both friendly and helpful.
08/17/2018 08:10 PM
what if all RpgMakerGaysâ„¢ merged to form one MeGayZord
08/17/2018 02:53 AM
Man, when I think about how many of my games, finished and otherwise, would have been literally impossible to make without Yanfly's scripts...damn. I really oughta throw the guy some Benjamins.
08/14/2018 07:12 PM
08/13/2018 02:54 PM
I have 4269 Makerscore and can never contribute ever again
08/12/2018 02:14 PM
Though I'm coming to it about five years late, Falcao's Pearl ABS is one of the most amazing things I've seen done with RPG Maker. I'm practically in awe of it.
08/09/2018 11:18 PM
08/08/2018 04:58 PM
zeus lies. video not impt, this is impt. thx
08/07/2018 06:39 AM
More classic Illarion streaming now
08/07/2018 02:43 AM
Pls watch this v impt video
08/06/2018 10:17 PM
I just remembered this status thing exists, and decided to use it just because. How are you all doing? What are you guys thinking about these days?
08/05/2018 05:29 AM
My phone broke after I dropped it for the nth time
08/04/2018 12:20 AM
I was genuinely shocked to discover that actually still exists.
08/02/2018 01:40 AM
08/01/2018 07:44 PM
08/01/2018 06:16 PM
07/31/2018 11:04 PM
Come join for special daytime stream and FREE STEAM KEYS giveaway every 30 mins!
07/30/2018 09:07 PM
I have come here to drink Crystal Head vodka and review games.
07/28/2018 08:41 PM
Too late? Too soon? Regardless, I'm streaming UNDERTALE today!
07/28/2018 04:59 PM
omw to Calgary for the weekend. Play nice together and be good until I get back!
07/25/2018 10:09 PM