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Wait a minute. I keep this site as a joke and people are actually taking it seriously!
03/02/2021 01:33 AM
Wait a minute. I made that story as a joke and people are actually taking it seriously!
02/28/2021 05:32 AM
Just got done watching Central do Brasil, it's an incredible film and the score is beautiful, the ending had me bailing!
02/27/2021 07:26 AM
HEY REDDIT ask me anything
02/25/2021 09:39 PM
Effective immediately I am giving Liberty a 15% pay raise
02/24/2021 12:33 AM
tf did i do now?
02/21/2021 10:51 PM
I appreciate kentona for picking up some of the stuff I'd forgotten. Thank you kentona! Say thaink you to kentona all! It's appreciate kentona day!
02/21/2021 01:51 PM
Free shipping is a myth. The costs will always be half of what you wanted to buy.
02/21/2021 02:41 AM
help i'm turning into a game development engine
02/18/2021 01:46 AM
wtf is a vtuber
02/16/2021 09:01 PM
Help I'm turning into a vtuber help meeeeee... /s
02/16/2021 08:10 PM
02/12/2021 06:49 AM
RE my last status: The Trash Planet game file has been updated. If you downloaded the previous one, you can splice your save files into the new folder if you wanna re-download it.
02/12/2021 12:42 AM
It's been brought to my attention that there's some people on here calling for an outright ban on kentona and his use of soy, but I am here to tell you they are OUT of their MINDS
02/11/2021 06:50 PM
It's been brought to my attention that there's some spelling / syntax errors that I missed in Trash Planet. I'm gonna make the changes and re-upload the game file tomorrow night, so, uh, don't download it until then if you haven't yet!
02/11/2021 07:07 AM
Crying tears of soy right now
02/10/2021 05:46 AM
Drinking the soy right now, absorbing the soy right now.
02/09/2021 03:35 AM
Ban kentona for false premises.
02/08/2021 11:02 PM
Ban Sooz for false promises.
02/08/2021 01:50 AM
i'd learn more of the nihongo identity crises before i learn the entire language itself
02/05/2021 03:37 AM