I don't have this game yet :(
Pimp, I admit, was actually REALLY bad.
I should get around to improving it restarting it.
RM games I've beaten:

Aurora Wing (I am depressed to see this game has not been mentioned ONCE)

Blurred Line (An old classic most everyone should know)

Legion Saga 1, 2 (1 was pretty crap; 2 was a big improvement. Still a huge Suiko ripoff, though)

Ara Fell (pretty floating islands! Map design whore's dream - they suffer from navigation issues, however)

Rise of the Third Power (much better than Ara Fell, but even the demo was incomplete...)

ONXY (a newbie effort, but one of the better newbie efforts. Complete and very long)

Three the Hard Way (old, but solid and finished)

Love and War (has nifty dialogue and storyline, hampered by shoddy gameplay)

Sagawind, old version (an old shitty demo by everyone's favorite gender-confused person, Trance)

One of the earlier versions of Philosopher's Stone (I don't know why I completed this)

Every Way game except the sixth (I just haven't worked up the courage to play the sixth after all the horrible things I've heard about it)

Romancing Walker (neat, even if engrish-ridden)

Forgotten Origin (a cruddy old demo that was relatively pretty)

Tarion Star (see above, but made by BadLuck instead of Dis)

Starlancer Six (let us not speak of this)

Kinetic Cipher (A game that shows massive improvement as it goes on, but was inevitably cancelled)

Kinetic Cipher (Again) (A huge improvement over the original, and was also, unfortunately, cancelled)

Blackmoon Prophecy (uninteresting)

Dawn of Darkness: Nightwish (I did play this - I just don't remember much of anything about it anymore)

Naufragar (I have no idea why so many people worship this pile of emo garbage, but c'est la vie)

Until My Finest Hour (kind of a neat demo with an unnecessary and bulky CMS)

In the Name of the Rose (Another neat demo by BloodRose that never went anywhere)

Book of Three (A solid romp by Lys based on the book with the same name

Every Master of the Wind up until the most recent (A solid, episodical adventure with neat dungeon design and dialogue)

Last Scenario (A 100% complete, bug-free, 60-hour game. Starts slow, but gets strong fast. It is depressing more of you have not played this)


Reminiscence (Unmemorable...)

Balmung Chronicle (Balmung Cycle was a big improvement to this)

Eldritch (A decent demo that had some gameplay mechanic issues. Neat idea, though)

Tara's Adventure (I saw Neophyte mention this, if this is what I think it is, I'm pretty sure I've played it and beaten it - I think)

Beloved Rapture (suffers from a plodding pace, a derivative emofest story and semi-weak dialogue, Blind never did fix the fundamental problems with this game - I think his priorities might have been too mixed with wanting to keep it the same and making it different)

Most/if not all of Rowen's shitty game demos (it's not worth it man)

Phylomortis (not Avant-Garde, the other one)

Don's Adventure (lol)

Lost King (one or two of the demos)

Epic Monster Dungeon Explore (the best VX game no one has played)

Karma (an ancient RM* game by Sei. Solid at the time, but not particularly impressive by today's standards)

Cracky the Dog (Added for Asalieri's amusement)

Some of Xenosoft's numerous tech demos (None of which had any tangible content, and were mostly filled with bad dialogue and attempts at an ABS)

Chimera Report (an ill-fated attempt at an ABS by DGuy. Later attempted to revive the project, but everyone laughed at his hilarious concept art, which featured massive codpieces and pubic hair)

Super Massacre Columbine RPG (don't ask - or do ask, but really, you can just look it up on Google)

Legacies of Dondoran 2 (a neat demo that was looking much better than the original, until harm moved over to VX)

Games I didn't beat:

Legacies of Dondoran (got to very late in the game(last dungeon, in fact), stopped playing for no real reason. Lost the save later on)

The Frozen World (got very close to the end of this but I stopped for no real reason. Lost the save later on)

Iron Gaia (got to late game, but got pissed after playing the AWFUL shooting minigame and quit)

Grave Spirit (got the atmosphere done alright, I suppose, but everything else about the game is unmemorable - even the graphics, which only work because everything in the game is practically BLACK)

Power Trip (MY EYES)

Velsarbor (reeked of unforgiving pretentiousness even WITHOUT understanding the dialogue - stopped after the intro)

Sniffer's SimGirl (this game has no redeeming value whatsoever)

Ensyther (see above)

Demented Pineapple (see above two)

iLL Natured (see above three and multiply by 50)

Redmoon Saga (a game that was semi-popular in it's time but is practically forgotten today. Hasn't aged well.)

Sunset Over Imdahl (loaded this, quit a few minutes later, fairly dull)

Diary of a Madman (it's too bad this game was never completed, even if I never finished the demo)

Rainbow Nightmare (ugly custom art and awful dialogue made me vacate this game quickly)

Tyrant God Saga: Altered Perception (not sure why I stopped playing this)

Sacred Earth: Bonds (my recommendation to skie: take the art and rips and put them into a better game. Not fun at all, and has dreadful dialogue)

Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power (same old shit I've seen before)

Solar Tear (I know I've played this, but my foggy memory of it suggests that it isn't very memorable)

Zephyrus (guilty of an irredeemable rm* sin: boring)

Epoch 1, 2 (unexceptional)

Final Fantasy: Shattered Lands (okay at the time)

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova (I remember having fond memories of this - but when I was a part of THE LIST (lol) team I went back and played it. Nothing special, but complete)

Final Fantasy Empires (better than the above two, never bothered playing all of it though)

ONYX 2 (was probably better than the first in some ways, but the AWFUL character art got in the way. Especially the blonde chick. Her eyes were STARING INTO MY SOUL MAN)

Legion Saga 3 (game bugged out towards the end and I quit due to frustration)

Destiny's Call Complete (a buggy game with a flashy but unnecessary menu and toilet humor)

Dragon Saga IV: Running Water (an extremely long game that I just never got around to finishing)

Rose Chronicles (shitty emofest, just like Naufragar)

Wysse (shit)

Spirebattle (see above)

Charles Barkley RM* version (vaguely amusing, but see above)

Balmung Cycle (quite good, but the horrendous sequence in which Aldrick (sp?) is dying of food poisoning makes me want to stab out my eyes. I've heard it gets better but I haven't gotten around to it yet)

Forever Across Dreams (I know I've played this, and yet I have no memory of it)

Idunn Ymiraldor (glitchy rm2k3 ABS aside, it was pretty well done - for what it was)

Exile (huge hype bandwagon followed by inevitable mediocrity)

Forgotten Majesty (neat dialogue, HAS NOT aged well)

Master of the Wind #5 (started, need to finish)

Demon Legacy (I actually completed the old demo version, and I do intend to start this up - I have it downloaded on my desktop - but I haven't yet for some reason)

U.G.S A New Beginning (this was actually a pretty fun shooter, but I guess I just got kind of bored of it and quit - neat, though)

Jump! (a neat DDR-ish game by Sei. Very well made, never did complete it though)

Push! (a neat puzzle game by Sei. Good stuff, but I never completed it)

The Sword and the Fish (actually played quite a bit of this, but I never did finish - it's a relatively fun comedy game made by a community outsider, so there's no LOLALEXRTP jokes)

A Home Far Away (an attempt at making something meaningful, but it's really just a chore - too bad considering all the crafting that went into the battle system)

Ahriman's Prophecy (one of Amanda Fae's earlier games - I actually spent a bit of time on it, but boredom caught up with me as I realized how awful it all was)

Lephesu: An Apologue (this one made me cry tears of boredom. Its arrogant creator didn't help things)

Mid Summer Autumn or whatever that shit RoseSkye made was called (awful dialogue, awful character art, awful concept...)

Games I've been meaning to play:
10,000 Bulletz
The Burning Grail
Iron Gaia: Virus
The Mirror Lied
Starless Umbra
Alter AILA
Mage Duel
Phantom Legacy
Hero's Realm
The Way #6
Whatever Feld's game was called =)
Miaka's Great Adventure (Added for FD's amusement)

Games that I haven't played but are already beyond redemption and WILL suck:
Jesus RPG

I might add to this list as I remember old games. I've been around for awhile. =)
It's like toothpicks against a tank
author=Karsuman link=topic=2456.msg44449#msg44449 date=1226865048

Fortunately, we'll never get to rip on the monumentally stupid Jesus RPG because WC will never get around to actually completing it.

Those Wisaos will just have to go to Suteki, instead.
Ok, ok, everyone has ripped on me enough for today. I know I SHOULD take it all in good humour, but it's starting to annoy me. Then again, it doesn't matter what I say, 'cause you guys will just keep plowing on until I'm dead inside won't you? :)
I don't have this game yet :(
You're not dead inside yet? Asa, double time!
If you stop being an obnoxious prig we will start treating you with respect.

I'm a very patient guy, but you are pushing it.

Gamers don't die, they respawn.
RM RPGs I have beaten
Onyx 2
Legion Saga
Legion Saga 2
Legion Saga X(3?)
The Burning Grail
Blurred Line
Cyber Factor
Love and War: Act I
The Red Ribbon

RM RPGs I have played but not beaten
Beloved Rapture(Whatever was there to play...)
Iron Gaia
Hero's Realm
Reality: Path to a Shattered World
Legacies of Dondoran
Legacies of Dondoran 2
Starless Umbra
Mage Duel
Sacred Earth: Bonds
Ara Fell
Celdran's Curse
Channel Changer
Chronicles of the Rose
Demon Destiny(No offense, but mapping could be better.)
Demon's Gate
Echo Zone
Ethereal Dreams
Island Sky
Kinetic Cipher(Again)
Master of the Wind
Shadow's Reach
There probably a few more I don't remember...
Idunn Ymiraldor
The Way
A Blurred Line
Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power
Demon Legacy
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2
Laxius Power 2
Legion Saga 2
Legion Saga 3
I may have beaten the first Legion Saga, but I can't remember.
The Book of Three
MUGEN Legends: Hokutomaru (I really liked the most recent demo of this game for some reason)
Don's Adventure
Rast's first game, the name escapes me.. (The one starring the minotaur, that game was genius)
I've definitely beaten more. A LOT more. I'll add them as I remember them.

I can't list them. Back in the day, I LITERALLY played EVERYTHING. It's almost surprising there isn't more people that were like me. My RM2K games folder, which I finally deleted a couple months ago, had HUNDREDS of games in it. It was over 2 gigs.
author=dethmetal link=topic=2456.msg44608#msg44608 date=1226877790
I can't list them. Back in the day, I LITERALLY played EVERYTHING. It's almost surprising there isn't more people that were like me. My RM2K games folder, which I finally deleted a couple months ago, had HUNDREDS of games in it. It was over 2 gigs.

This is only RM2K3 games, but yeah this is why I didn't name every game I've played.
And to think Beloved Rapture takes up 1/40th of that.
Hahaha. For a while, I misread that as 1/4.

My folder filesize: Close but no cigar!
I've probably played several thousand megs worth of games, too.

Can't give a good amount since I've changed my computer several times since then...but oh well =)
haha that's huge neophyte. Mine only adds up to around 1 gb.
author=Max McGee link=topic=2456.msg44345#msg44345 date=1226819551
Am I the only one who find Nightblade's unflinching hatred of (just about) EVERYTHING to be hilarious?

Maybe I should start a home made game review video series.
I can imagine Nightblade in a video, speaking with intelligent words, before going apeshit over a certain part of some game.
NightBlade's "Let's Play: Everything" YouTube extravaganza! I can see it now...

I don't have a very impressive list of indie games I've played or beaten, so I'm not going to bother disclosing them. Most of them came from Release Something and Play Something days, anyway.
author=halibabica link=topic=2456.msg45125#msg45125 date=1226973472
NightBlade's "Let's Play: Everything" YouTube extravaganza! I can see it now...
I would totally pay for something like that.