Yeah, this is where the parity cop claims. Would appreciate that when they claim, they /don't/ immediately list who they investigated and their results (would make it easier for a scum counterclaim). Until the cop comes forward or is assumed dead, not much else to do.

If it needed saying, I'm not the cop.
I guess I can go ahead and say that I'm the town even coroner which means the odd one is scum. I don't see not claiming at this point because it would take 2 more days for me to even get another result. Especially since we should be able to clear a few people with the cops investigation.

At the time only emily was dead so I investigated her. She was vanilla.
I'm thinking fomar was killed because he told us that he asked for clarification on the cop role. I'm really hoping he didn't do that while actually being the cop, but instead did that to get us some helpful information.

Anyways, going to wait till everyone posts at this point and hopefully we get some game changing info.
although, I re-ran the sim without the cop claiming today but town starting the daykills -- it's only marginally smaller (64%) but it feels a lot riskier if the cop goes down.

@demon: I guess the upshot of this is that scum wouldn't know the identity of /any/ of the dead players right now, correct?
They shouldn't know fomars identity. The only other dead player was emily which I just revealed to be vanilla. I considered withholding the info, but it would take 2 days to even get another read, and if I died scum could attempt shenanigans by claiming to be the town coroner.
I feel bored. How odd.
Anyways, "minimize talking", remember?

#lynch psy_wombats

Goodnight, I'm gonna die N3.
I still don't understand why you want psy dead. I'm the one who came up with the plan where we nolynch twice and cop reveals day 3. All he has done is literally go along with my plan.

Feel free to speak up on why you want psy dead since the nolynch period has expired. I find you way more suspicious than I do psy, but I'm going to wait for info to come out before I throw down a lynch.
The point of not talking during the first two days was to prevent scum from getting a bead on our PRs - discussion would only let them get info, because we weren't actually going to use the content of any discussion to scumhunt. But we're at the point now where we should be talking so as to allow us to actually find scum.

I don't know if like Cave or someone has another opinion but I think it's best bet for cop to come forward vs risk getting nk'd tonight and I imagine otherwise any scum is going to try to claim cop before getting daykilled.

@Odd: if you're implying you're cop and got a guilty read with me in it somewhere, I'm pretty damn interested in who that other person is. If it comes down to it I don't mind dying to prove they're scum, but for that to work you need to name them beforehand.
I feel bored. How odd.
Please, I already essentially role-claimed, why would I be cop.

Just going on gut instinct. Have fun.
I feel bored. How odd.
Oh, right. Since I'll die tonight, might as well say my full list of "gut instinct" mafia right now.

At D&D will catch up and speak when I get home
I thought you'd be the cop because there's no real reason for any other role to claim. No one was even voting for you this time, c'monn

Still think the cop should claim unless their results are like
bbcode ate my message -- should read result are like "demon odd fomar emily" ie 100% worthless, but, even then
It's 3am just got home I'll look at this when I wake up
Actually I just read through. #lynch cave
Confirmed scum, fomar died last night which means he was the good read I had on my first night. I'm the cop, demon and psy are confirmed town. No way I got two scum reads in one night because that would also mean there's 3 mafia.
That leaves Ozzy, odd, yomi and Waka on the table. I'm dead tonight so figure it out from there.
I hope it was okay to unearth all this in one post.
Nah, that's a job well done if you nailed Cave.

Anyone going to counterclaim Muffle?
For newbies or anyone else in doubt, if you're vanilla and not the parity cop, just post "I am not the parity cop" and that's good enough for me and then we can kill off that scumlord Cavedog~
I feel bored. How odd.
Nah, I'm the doctor, as I seriously implied before.

I feel bored. How odd.
So I'm gonna die tonight. That, or I could willingly state that I'm gonna protect myself, which means that Muffle will die tonight. Since cop is probably way more useful, I have to choose whoevet claims it as my target, and thus I will die during N3.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Question, how many people can a cop read per night?