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The New Earth indeed...

  • TehGuy
  • 12/28/2009 01:33 AM
The New Earth by bulmabriefs144

I'll admit. From the screenshots on the game profile, this looked promising. Little did I know I was sending myself pretty close to hell..

no where near how good this game looks..

Gameplay - 1/5

The little I could play wasn't very pretty. I could only get into the first few minutes before the game left me stranded... damn..

no, really. wtf?

There were also these random little things here and there.. The plot (if any) made no sense, as the start (depicted above) gives you no clue.. only the game's profile does..

Did it just talk to me..?

Like here, I don't remember stealing anything and this random little box pops up saying that I have even though this evil looking mushroom is blocking my way.
This goes on for a bit as it starts raining..randomly.. you then get electrocuted and turned into a burning, naked woman(damn!) The trees below and to the side seem to get decimated in the process too..

dear god..

I run in circles for a bit and it gets me nowhere... Then I proceed to sit there and stare my monitor to death trying to think on how to progress.. The npc's are no help what so ever..

don't doubt that..

This game even admits it sucks..

Level Design - 1.5/5

As shown in the shot above, there were spaces between the trees that I could walk through (easily fixed by moving to layer 3 if they were on layer 2) so I tried moving down there to no avail. Same went for the fire. Basically; it sucked and wasn't very linear.

Graphics - 1/5

The graphics are all from the RTP, with the exception of the main character after he gets transformed. Really, that's the only thing that didn't make me give this section a 0 (call me sick..)

Audio - 1/5

The only exception was the main title music, which I found mildly interesting. Everything else I heard was in the RTP (most likely anyway..).

I'd understand if this was a demo but it's not; it's a completed game (more like soft-core porn at best). I've read the other review to this so I expect a reply from the author explaining how this doesn't sucks with excuses..

This 'game' needs to be buried, burned, have something scary and ugly built on top of it, and sent to hell.


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Ha, see Bulma. I'm not the only one that thinks your game is poor. Perhaps take our comments on board and fix it or move on with life? And before you hit back with "let's see your games", remember that we reviewed your game as a gamer and not a developer.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Oh boy, the author was in denial of this, wasn't he?

TehGuy has only stated the beginning of this game, and even from there it's a game with terrible humor and visuals, with unbalanced battles as a cherry-on-top for the shit sundae.
I'm over denial. But I'm still gonna make games. Just gonna try to make 'em better from now on.
This was a first game, I certainly hope I can do better. Just out of curiousity, did you not make it out of the first scene? All the parts seem limited to just getting stuck in the forest. In fact, all of the people who have reviewed me seem to include early scenes. The reason I do not believe it is worth a 1/5 is more to do not because I think it's awesome of whatever. I just don't believe in absolutes. This game is "completely good, completely horrible" nah I've only seen a single game on Rpgmaker.net that I'd call perfect, and still, I got stuck on a town where I don't know how to proceed. I liked it, but that's likely because I knew where all the stuff was, so no frustration and hate involved (still, the battles were insane). I still maintain it's 2/5, but not due to I believe there are certain guides to rating, and anything with more than one ending cannot score below 2, just as anything which they didn't bother to include an RTP means it can't rate above a 4/5. The unfortunate thing is that if you want to enjoy these endings, you'd actually have to PLAY it more than once.

This is actually an event, believe it or not, but you have to complete the 2nd trigger event of the game to have him say anything other than that. So until you do rather than saying something that might actually lead you to believe he has more lines, it tells you the opposite.

And this was a lame attempt at a puzzle hint. Because people probably still didn't solve it. And yea, I kinda got disheartened by criticism there.

My worst was definitely monster design (still very bad, but working on it for the next game). It's kinda a case of trying to make humor/randomness in the game, but having it sabotaged by it being more random than funny, and REALLY sabotaged with bad coding not being AT ALL funny. Having all characters have elemental susceptibilities kinda threw the entire battle system off, making 1hko or 0 damage. I'm working on a better system that's more intuitive (frogs and such can get splashed with water, birds are weak to ranged atks, etc), and more forgiving for the next game I do, if I ever finish that one.

My games are probably all horrible, but a huge part of it is that I just try to get it done (I worked on the New Earth for 3 years before submitting it, and then finally just uploaded with or without some of the glitches fixed). I wish I actually knew someone who could help on the battle programming. Then I wouldn't have the issue of trying to do plot while knowing that something was horribly wrong.

Actually, it's not softcore porn. It has the added "bonus" of being hardcore anime porn if you unlock certain switches.
You "stole" by eating that giant mushroom. That's the answer to that.

That dude is not from the RTP, and a few of my characters outside the map were also not. Seriously though, I didn't download many, and I've a crappy artist, so I'm using RTP files. Btw, my monsters is 100% rtp with the exception of an enemy that is just a blank graphic (which as part of the game, you have to NOT FIGHT). Is there a problem with that?

Frankly, all I'm hearing though is how you FAILED despite having a walkthrough not even in walkthru section but RIGHT ON THE GAME PAGE.

Play the entire game, if you still say it sux, fine. I'll take it. But don't bother writing a review if you can't even get past the first dungeon. With pretty clear (I think) instructions from me.


The answer is right there. Not only is she speaking a horribly easy backwords hint the next line about where to find two of the next keys to proceed, but c'mon. There is a BIG PATCH of grass extending suspiciously away from the other. Don't you find that at all odd? The reason the trees are designed like you complained about is cause they burn away when you get the proper item. The game is unbalanced, weird, or sometimes difficult to follow but I'm an amateur programmer who is still learning. I'm giving my effort to try not just to clean out glitches but also make things more understandable and user-friendly, but you still can't solve the puzzle, seriously would YOU want to be told that the hobby for your last three years, that you tuned and sweated over (never could get battles to work properly) was nothing a waste of time by someone who makes this decision not based on careful examination, but because ZOMG I can't figure out something I told how to do in my SECOND POST.

Right there.

You wonder why I "make excuses"? It's cause there is NO EXCUSE for abuse when I try to be friendly and helpful, and people don't actually bother to READ. It is an okay game (not great, waaay too many glitches for that), but frustration makes ANY GAME seem like the worst one. It btw is not the worst game ever, I will FIND the worst game ever later tonight.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I actually got farther than the intro, even got my first party member, and visited the "towns" (they looked more like camp sites than towns). Those were also the places were I ran into cheap gameoevers, and since saving is so limited in this game, you could imagine how frustrated I was getting (seriously, you answer an NPC's stupid question wrong and you get gameover for that? REEEEAL lame). I also went to that castle town place with the oppressive king, and really didn't know what to do from there. I tried uncovering the secret passage in the King's house (why is a king living in some dinky little house anyway?) but I kept avoiding it because I was getting my arse kicked by elementals, and everywhere else seemed like the "wrong" place to go.

So I actually did play enough of your game, which you should be proud of since I had the patience to even get through the beginning of it. At least you have learned something and you recognize that this game was garbage, so what you need to focus on is just make a new game.

The biggest thing I'm running into in my new game is that I kinda want enemies to sorta build in power, so I've got a hp range for enemies of 58 to about 94000. Still, I tested versus the final boss and won with the right party and weapons. And the battles in the new game do have more of a sense of strategy. But this strategy requires pages of battle code. Ugh, I HATE battle programming. (currenlty testing final boss at 1/2 the level)

I managed to build a bank system which actually works for the most part, a time system, a day/night system based on time (which doesn't QUITE work since although it turns off when you enter buildings and gives you normal lighting, it kinda resets the shading when you go out, either that or I'm in too long and it became night/day), a weather system (which kept snowing inside until I realized you can't do weather stopping in the same event, and had to turn off weather to keep it from snowing inside, still might be a work in progress), a working party switch system (crappy, but working, sorta reminds me of Chrono Trigger's End of Time), a few battle commands, and a pretty cool boat port system which I figured out from reading someone else's basic teleport event and adapting on it (it basically saves all boat locations into a memorized location, and send you to places even ones you've never been, and you can limit this by adding switches or variables to the condition, or even put a "ghost ship" like event. The only thing out of place is that I really didn't care if you were actually near the sea, so there'd be a dock in the middle of a desert. Still, I'm pretty proud of it).

The plot is more coherent, since it's based on an idea that I had when I was younger, but it still might be a bit loosely strung together. My game still seems to have a tendency to sorta not hang together. Also kinda worried that all the special stuff is distracting me from the plot.
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