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In light of recent, off to the side happenings, I've decided to take some time to actually update this game.

I thought I was done with it forever, but...I have plenty ideas on how to improve it and extend the gameplay content. So here I am working on it again.

It won't be too long of a job, so I figure it's fine to take some time out from SEM to improve this project. Even if it doesn't actually connect to SEM in any real way.

Additions I have in mind are rather simple. The contest build of the game had no levels, no equipment, no skills to be learned. It was just a straight shot through. This is changing. There will now be levels, EXP, skills will be split up to be learned by level, the equipment system from SEM is being added to this game, and the number scaling and global damage algorithm from SEM will be incorporated into this project.

Additionally, there will be extra narrative and gameplay areas to further increase game volume. On top of that will be improved GUIs for menu and battle. Nothing groundbreaking, but all basic things that can only the game more playability and customization content.

I had previously taken down the contest build of the game, but I decided to add it back for posterity's sake. Let people see what the game was originally like.

And that's all from me. Later.


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Yay, there will be an update! Excellent! I look forward to the updated festivities then! >8D
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