Showcasing the best blogs from 1st - 15th April, 2016

  • Liberty
  • 04/16/2016 05:59 AM
This is a series of bi-monthly articles to show off the best blogs that I've seen over the course of a fortnight. And believe me, I've checked them all.

The blogs spotlighted here will have interesting content that focuses on the game/s in question, will usually be longer than not and sometimes contain either graphical or video content as well as written.

April 1st - 15th, 2016
This fortnight: 78 blogs
(In no particular order)

Prayer of the Faithless
Stats, Stories, and Accessibility -

The Tenth Line
Progress Report: March -

Chronology of the Last Era
Chronology's Battle System: A Second Look -

Devlog 1: Surviving Bossgame, Taunting, and Shields -

Songs from Aelsea
Concept Art - Summer Springdale -

Super Toaster X
Devlog 79: No Longer a Platformer -

Tristain: Lady of the Lion
Worldbuilding 102: Makin' Magic -

Monster World Legends
Wonderboy 30th Anniversary/What's New Part 2 -

*If you think I missed a good blog, make a comment with a link in the comments below. It must fall between the dates in the by-line*
*I will be taking more than one blog from each game, mainly because I figure, hell, why not


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I wonder how many times I've made these lists...
The all around prick
"Sings from Aelsea"

Well, it's good to know you weren't just singling me out XD

Seriously though, I wonder if there's an ebb and flow to these blogs? It seems the count is smaller in the first half of each month.
My personal is to make sure that every single Songs from Aelsea blog gets on this list.

Hard mode: every blog gets the writing spotlight/achievement.
Sorry, hard mode won't happen. I deliberately make sure that every week has a different person and that not one game hogs the spotlight, so... ;p

But it is possible to get on these each fortnight. Luchino's managed to nab a spot a fair few times by making great blogs.
So I should call myself the blogging queen, Lib? xD
Only if you want to appear big-headed. XD
Don't forget that your game making the Best of Blogs also earns it a shoutout on RMN's Twitter, which is a lot of visibility! Get motivated and write good stuff!
That's a great incentive, Feld. =)
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