A look back at some classic Rpg Maker games.

  • Tau
  • 05/07/2012 03:38 AM

What is Looking Back? A series of articles talking about those classic Rpg Maker games from the past.

Created by: Kamau
Made With: Rpg Maker 2k/3
Downloads: Legion Saga, Legion Saga II, Legion Saga III, Legion Saga R

What can I say about Legion Saga, I have fond memories of these games. Legion Saga one was the first ever Rpg Maker game I played. From it's all RTP(Most, if not all of them were back then)graphics with those(at the time) amazing custom systems like the duals, wars, and simple sprite edits. It was revolutionary and blew my mind. When Kamau started showing screenshots of the sequel the community was amazed at the new level of graphics and the promise of an actual sequel!? You see back then there weren't many games even out when the original Legion Saga hit the scene, let alone completed games.

Legion Saga II was a massive hit and considered a complete improvement over the original. It didn't hurt that it was very well received from the community either. By now Kamau had amassed a small fan base around his series and of course some haters. Rightly so the series was often compared to it's obvious inspiration.. Suikoden. By the time Legion Saga III started to roll out there were bigger hitters out, such as A Blurred Line/The Line Narrows and people were starting to move more and more towards custom graphics, battle systems, menu systems, etc and the game was received with mixed reactions. Some people loved it and praised it's Suikoden II rips, story and pacing. Others thought the whole thing was a mess and just tried to push an incoherent story that went nowhere.

I love these games as I said. It is mostly for nostalgia but these games will always stick with me. I implore you all to give these games a go. They are enjoyable distractions and is one of my faves.

The neighbouring nations of Meluvet and Garalas, once united as the grand Evancourt, are falling into dispute and the king of Meluvet, the once-loved King Agaman, is pressing his troops further and further into Garalasian territory in order to gain control of the land that belonged to his ancestors.

The story begins with a battle initiated by Meluvet on the border village of Seimu, a strategic point and vital to the Meluvetian army if it wishes to succeed in domination of Garalas. King Agaman's son, Durane, has been sent to lead the attack with his companion Eva.

The battle is a success and the soldiers return home. However, Durane is soon imprisoned for crimes he did not commit... or did he...?

The Midland Wars are over. Peace has been restored to the neighbouring countries of Garalas and Meluvet and they have been united under the guidance of Ridman as the Twin Empires.

Further north, across the ocean, a horrific murder has been committed in Veramonde. What happens when the so-called hero is the one who is acting out of line? What happens when he seeks refuge in a peaceful country ruled by the powerful Council, only to find its land more hostile than he anticipated?

12 years have passed since the hero Nastra liberated Krisdea and Veramonde. His new enemy, Barbatta, escaped from him at the end of his ordeal bearing the legendary Legion Sword. Now trouble has arisen in the Twin Empires. Fierce kobold warriors have attacked from nowhere and are advancing without mercy. The Peregrin Knights have been summoned from the northern lands of Higanasu as assistance for Lord Ridman and his army. Fighting as a member of this elite strike force is Kima Roshgarde, the son of a nobleman. When Kima is forced to act against orders his entire life is changed.

Legion Saga R, the hotly anticipated remake of the original. Was discontinued in 2007 and released as an unfinished product to the community.

One day I hope to return,
Until then I must learn.
For that sorrow inside us,
This is your curse of silence.

"Why was I ever doomed to walk the path of life alone? Perhaps I will
never know the answer to that question. Now, thirteen years later, I
have learned to accept my solitude. I have become a lone swordsman. A
warrior of independance.

A warrior on whom others will ultimately depend... for their lives..."

This is the story of one man's struggle to find peace of mind and
redemption for his sins. Why has Sazaku been cursed to never speak of
his horrific past? Very few know, but all who meet him are intrigued by
this warrior shrouded in mystery.

Follow Sazaku as he journeys across the continent on a quest of death
and bloodshed, darting in and out of the shadows and weaving around the
path of the Legion Saga.



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Man, I remember all of these games so fondly. Even now, Legion Saga 2 and 3 stack up pretty well and are on my best classics list. I even enjoyed replaying the original. Sad that Kamau no longer is in the RM field, and that he considers them all as cringe-worthy. >.<;

Curse of Silence... I couldn't really play that game very well. I was never big with the Action genre and when it first came out I kept dying over and over. I never got far in it.
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I had a feeling you would comment. No yeah I was just the same with CoS when it first came out. But with the second demo adding a lot more to the game, It just felt so much better, easier to play and really just enjoy overall.

Well that's me anyway.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Only one out of those I played was Legion Saga 2, but it was unique in that it's one of the few RM games I've actually finished. I thought it was pretty good at the time albeit I had zero knowledge of the Suikoden series back then. Might revisit it one of these days...
I played all three Legion Saga and I though they were pretty good at the time, but the third done was full of bugs and missing some RTp stuff (probably use a different one than mine). These games were?are awesome in their own right.
I have a great love of all these games. Highly annoyed that COS was never finished. I love action games and I thought it had promise.
I loved Legion Saga I, but never got the chance to play II or III, so when I went ahead to dload, the Legion Saga II link said that the download requested had problems.
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That's odd, works fine for me. Anyone else have this problem?
I remember these games well.

I also remember buying into all the hate surrounding them and hating on them just 'cause it seemed like the cool thing to do.

Now that I'm no longer a bratty, immature teenager (instead I'm a slightly less bratty, slightly more mature adult), I can admit that they were pretty fun Suikoden rip-offs. Not the best plot or characters in the RM community at the time but not the worst either. And hey, the dude completed three rather lengthy RM games while most other creators couldn't even finish one. Kudos for that.
Ah, Legion Saga. This was THE game that got me into rpg maker. I only ever got the chance to play the first one, cause after that I was too busy with making my own stuff to play the others <_<
I'm back to legion saga 1 and i play this wih a lot of happiness and satisfaction. I reccomend this game. RTP never been so much fun XD
If anybody is interested, i'm remaking Legion Saga 1 with rpgvxace
Few years ago I asked Kamau if i could do it for my fun purpose.
Never done it but now it's different.
I did change a little bit of text.

All credits goes for Kamau


If anybody is interested, i'm remaking Legion Saga 1 with rpgvxace
Few years ago I asked Kamau if i could do it for my fun purpose.
Never done it but now it's different.
I did change a little bit of text.

All credits goes for Kamau

I am VERY interested.
Thanks for the nostalgic look at Legion Saga! It's really cool to see people reminisce about the series. It brings back a lot of memories. I sometimes amaze myself at how much I managed to make in such a short space of time, but then I think that's partly a credit to RPG Maker's ease of use.

For anyone interested: I'm still making games. I finished a Game Design degree in London a few years ago, worked as a designer in the industry for 2 years, and am now creating an indie game called Luminesca. Quite a departure from Legion Saga but of course that series was all part of the learning process.
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I've seen that game before, wow didn't know you were making it.. Kudos! Hope you enjoyed the article though, big fan haha.
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