The RMN Fall Podcast! Part 2 of 4.

  • Decky
  • 11/17/2012 06:31 AM

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Nightwish - Scaretale
Motley Crue - Kick Start My Heart
Rush - The Big Money
(This is a non-commercial podcast: the clips are (1) under 35 seconds long, and (2) are used in a non-performance setting to augment an educational podcast on the goings-on of our site. Use of the music is unlikely to hinder the value of the works on the market, as the songs: (1) cannot be replicated via this podcast, (2) have already been released to commercial success, and (3) are established radio and cultural staples. If this still violates fair use, I will gladly remove the clips upon notification.)

Total Length: 34:42

All Hallows' Event Coverage, Part 1
0:00 - 2:48: Mario's Mansion 2
2:48 - 9:56: Dead Moon Night
9:56 - 12:18: Console Hunt 2
12:18 - 23:10: Kickstarters and RPG Maker
23:10 - 34:42: The Big Question


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We seem to be missing a ghost~ ^.^
Guardian of the Description Thread
I figured you guys would get around to the All Hallows Event. I predict that I'm not going to enjoy what you have to say for Veil of Darkness, but we'll see when we get that far.
Fantastic podcast! On the subject of kickstarter I'm actually the opposite to you Deckiller, I've started off really enthusiastic about the whole craze but as time went on I've gotten more jaded by it =o=
It's just that with rpg maker, you can achieve all the things that you set out to do with time, patience and using your initiative. And It just comes across to me that a lot of developers who jump on the kickstart train don't explore all their options beforehand, instead opting to go straight into the thick of it the moment they plan on commercializing themselves.

And the way how rewards don't justify the work involved is diabolical, one example I've seen was $150 reward tier to have an npc named after you, which is approximately worth 10 seconds of work in the editor... Like the dude just gave you a massive boost in reaching your target and you're rewarding him with an npc?! You can't spin or justify that in any context other than exploitation.

As for the big question itself, I do see it as RMNs final frontier. I think we're facing the inevitable that it has to happen one day, although I do feel kickstarter is probably the catalyst for the sudden influx of commercial endeavors along with the world economy. The only way I can see it working with the problems that you have presented is to have maybe two front pages? Perhaps having a portal to choose between the two at any point in time, which would effectively split the site in half.

The way to prevent drama unfolding is to maybe have all reviews of commercial games being restricted to staff and trusted members only, with the price of user's freedom in a user generated site being scaled back(which we really have to cherish). The last thing is to recruit a huge team of volunteers, who would not only test these games for quality control but for any potential threat of infringement that might cause legal hassle as well.

I don't know how I would feel about it to be honest. I can see it working, but it would be a few years till we reach that event horizon. =/
I completely agree with you guys on the subject of commercial games. BTW awesome podcast!
Your mom is a hero
I completely agree with you guys on the subject of commercial games. BTW awesome podcast!
There were many aspects of the subject of commercial games. Any specifics?

Anywho, the review drama seems to be game-/user-specific, rather than being a factor of commercialization. Also, ever since Solitayre has been in charge of reviews, things have been quiet.

All food for thought!
There are already so many sites for commercial games on the net, RMN is the best place to go for freeware games and it would be a shame if it allowed commercial games on the site. Our free games could fall by the wayside, there could be legal problems, it would attract new crowds who look down upon the freeware games and their creators, and a whole bunch of other issues could arise. With all the games I've made over the past 3 years, it's hard enough to gain attention for them as it is (mainly because I'd rather work on new projects than market the ones I've finished)... adding commercial games into the mix would make it even harder for the little guys.
adding commercial games into the mix would make it even harder for the little guys.
I disagree, it'll most likely be the other way around. By my (out of my ass ) estimate the thought process of the average consumer would be along the lines "Should I shell out $10 for this game or download ten free ones?" if anything freeware downloads would go through the roof if there's an increase in site traffic. I dunno maybe at some point in the future rmn could on a fact finding mission and gather up a few proven developers to do a trial run for a month or so. If it doesn't work out then no harm done, if it's successful then it might be something worth pursuing.
Ultimately the concerns we expressed are worst case scenarios, and even if they do need to be thought about, there's nothing to say that they would happen (though, human nature dictates that some asshat would try to game the system. :\ )
I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast! I completely agree with StarSkipping on the topic of kickstarters in the RM community. While I think kickstarters in general are an amazing new trend in the gaming community, it's just not justified for a single person making an RM game, and the reward tier point pretty much says it all.

Making money doing something you love is a great thing, but we legally can't/shouldn't sell our games due to things like resources, whether or not we payed for RPG maker to begin with, or if in 2k3's case we're using illegal exe patches like dynrpg. The only feasible option would probably be to throw up a simple donation box. Sure you wouldn't rake in as much money as a kickstarter, but this way you're not actually selling your game. You're saying "hey if you liked my game and the work I've put into it, throw me a few bucks!"
I just noticed at the top it says Parts 3 + 4 although based on this part it sounded like the end. Is there more to the Fall Podcast or is that just a relic from c&p'ing the last podcast template? I need moooore

(also I know you know this but please turn off skype sound effects next time, they're really distracting. And yeah, I'm one of those guys who gets bothered when the mouse pointer is visible when watching videos too.)
There are two coming, but they take a while to edit and Decky has probably been busy being American and having holidays/work, so...
That said, glad you enjoyed them so far and the next one should be up some time in the next week or so. (We totally planned to have you all wait a week or two between parts so as to not scare you all off with a 4 hour podcast. Yup. Totally.)
I'm a dog pirate
I started working on editing the next one and it'll be out soon~ Thanksgiving just threw me off.
I love this podcast, and I appreciate that there are so many people on, so there aren't ever any dead spots in the conversation.

I will say that I could only really process about 50% of what Archeia was saying. Not because I couldn't understand her lovely accent, but because her mic sounds a bit weird.

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