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I think I follow, it basically does an invisible move, scans for other events, and then moves back before it makes the real move. Where would I add this scan in? My thinking would be page 3, the reset location tab.

I don't get the idea of checking for event IDs at 0,0 because nothing would be there.

EDIT: I designed around this so there are no instances in which the big objects can collide.
Yeah, you're not really checking for any event ID at 0,0. you're just moving your events there while you're checking the tile they stood on, prior to moving them to 0,0 for any events. 0,0 was just choosen cuz it ought to be a place where there will be nothing.

And the scan would probably better be in page 1 somewhere. I have a slightly altered version which will check for other events of other big objects, but it doesn't check if that event is just ornamental (like you're lower layer), meaning it would cause some weird passability issues with them, and fixing it would probably require adding an extra page to all events which can be called to determine whether they're passable or not...

so yeah, if you can design it so that there is no instance of the big objects can collide, it would probably make stuff simpler.
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