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Putting credits next to a scene of some kind is a sure fire way to prevent me from reading them.

If I'm reading credits, I hate them. If I made some art, I expect them.

great attitude
The purpose of credits is so you can brag to your friends that you worked on something and then prove it to them. Kind of like when Bart tried to show Nelson that he was in the credits of the Krusty Show.

I care about credit. It shows how they manage the team, as well as who's responsible for the part I like in the game or the part I don't like in the game.

With that said, I don't care much about credits in a big game. I care more about credits in an indie game, thinking that maybe I can get in touch with them and do some awesome stuffs later on. Or just so that I can follow their works. Another reason is that the credit in a big game is always too long to read, and is not in a separate notepad file for me to read later :/
I'll say it clear, I don't believe in credits as something due. In the end, if somebody writes or says or shouts "gino made this and that" I couldn't care less. I mean, what's the meaning behind the name gino? Nothing!
Neverthless, it would be honest to say what I haven't done. If I put a third party script it would be fancy to say "it's not mine, I couldn't have done this!".
Anyway, if someone asks to be credited for the use of his resources, then credit is something you MUST properly give.
Well, no matter what's everyone's opinion, any of us will deal with credits as they please. That's life!
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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Credits are nice, honest thing to include in our games.

I think that it makes more sense for us to include them at the start of our games though, because people are obviously a lot less likely to finish playing an RPG Maker game from start to finish than they are a commercial RPG.

That is something I've made sure I do with my projects now, because by doing so the people who deserve a "thank you" will be acknowledged at a point in the game that really can't/won't be missed.
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