Linking to videos would be a better idea. Less scrolling required.
Thanks Nico ^^ Btw, you forgot the bugfix patch, without it classic mode doesnt works xPPP

EDIT: Also, yeah, crusade can eat a lot of resources if you use a heavy video capture program (Like fraps). I use Wmcapture to minimize the lag :P
Congrats on finishing the Everlasting Journey LP NicoB! I definitely enjoyed it! I was hoping you would use the 1.31 version for the rest of it, but oh well. In that one there's basically a warning when you enter the Isis Jungle that you're approaching the end.

The map in the airship (below Roger) shows you where you need to go for sidequests. These locations change on the map depending on which quests you have. All sidequests originate from your pals in the Airship. Additionally in 1.31, I added Duke's Tower, so you could have gone there. That brings the chest total to 102 instead of 98. There's also an extra sidequest with Floo, and Phillip that you missed out on too. :(

If you're curious about my future plans for the game, I wrote a big post about it here:

Also, if you didn't see this in one of my blog entries, I fixed this blasted scene so it's not so awful (also in 1.31):

Edit: oh and about the music, I think there' something weird going on with your midi synthesizer, because the "loud" tracks don't sound that bad at all on my machine (or my previous machine). If you go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > "Audio" tab > Midi music playback, try changing the "Default device" to something else.
@PepsiOtaku: Glad to hear you enjoyed them, bro. However, I'd really like know whether you found them useful in helping you polish and improve your game. Although I want them to be enjoyable, I want them to be helpful as well. So did they help you at all?

Btw, that scene with Athesis looks much better and more believable. I think the original scene itself was very sweet, but it wasn't believable that early on.

@Felipe: Ah I see. I'll go ahead and patch it up then and try the single player in the next videos.

@hima: Yeah man, I'll definitely give your game a try. You've made a lot of really interesting and different games over the years; I look forward to Let's Trying that one. ^ ^

Also, from now on guys, I'll be posting only the links for BIG batches of videos. I might still embed it if it's just one or two though. Thanks for the feedback!
who am i and how did i get in here

Its my game for the nugget crash course. Its only a chapter, and like 15 minutes long, but when its finished could you do a LT?

@NicoB: Good videos, mate. I am surprised you even LPd Clock Tower... Gah. That game gives me shivers. And, yeah, I say linking to the videos is the best idea. I am going to follow your lead and start my own topic for my Let's plays as well. XD I finally got five videos up, so it is about time.
@Idida: Yeah, I think I can probably do that. ^ ^ Just let me know when it's finished.

@facesforce: Thanks bro. I'll have to check out your vids sometime.

Finished up (I think?) Super Smash Bros. Crusade and started some Cosplay Crisis:

Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Cosplay Crisis
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Wow, these are great NicoB! And sorry about that glitch D'8!! I have an idea of how I can go about fixing that pretty easily, but I probably won't make a shittonne of changes until you finish up/stop these vids, heh.

A lot of the stuff you're getting confused about right now gets explained a bit later into the story (especially the Kumo/Cloud connection). As for why I didn't rename some characters...laziness I suppose. Their naming tends to tie in with their plot relevance (which is why your main cast and main villains are renamed).

Oh, and in the Omniax Building scene, the person in the red soldier's uniform was Beatrix. The woman on the bottom right was Alicia, someone who becomes important later.

The woman at the top right was Crimson, who is a tie-in for Scarlet (you may remember her having a bitch fight with Tifa).

And about the profanity: Final Fantasy VII censored profanity. Cosplay Crisis did, but that was changed about mid-development, so it doesn't now.

For the record: there are a lot of cameos in this game. You have seven playables, one secret, three from VII, three from VIII and one from IX. VII's are Cloud, Tifa and Vincent and VIII's are Squall, Rinoa and Selphie. Everyone else, whether they were playable in their own games or not, isn't playable here.

minorly irrelevant

Squall isn't a douchebag ;^;
but let's not start a big discussion on that right now XD

OH! pronounciations!

it's coz-play. Levi's name is pronounced lee-vy, the same way you'd pronounce Levi's Jeans or Leviathan (assuming I pronounce Leviathan right? hahaha! lee-vy-ah-than). It's a veye rather than vee. Like "vying for attention"
(why do I find that so hard to explain? lol, 2:47am, don't mind me~)

and my name is pronounced ker-stee
I was wondering if you could do a Let's Play of Dragon Kingdoms V. It seems like everyone that's wanted to do a series on it ends up either leaving the community, leaving YouTube, and/or both.
Honestly I can't stop watching these. I think this is far more useful then reviews are to the community and developers. Mostly because they get to SEE what's going on and hear thoughts of the player as they come up. This leaves leaves less room for error in a review which is something that you post in terms of wording or miscommunication as the developer can see his mistakes while you talk about them. Anyways keep up the work Nico I'm loving these LP's.
Normally these are incredibly gripping for me but the Cosplay Crisis episodes started off very.. very slow. I was listening to them in the car figuring I could piece together the visuals (I usually watch these for NicoB's commentary and voice *swoon*) but it was a whole lot of talking; Then I watched it at home and you literally moved two screens in the first episode, then another three or four in the next.

I don't know if it the fault of the pacing by Kyrsty (I don't think that it is, since a lot of time was spent even on the title screen,) but you gotta keep em moving like you did with Everlasting Journey and Princess Princess.

I've only watched 1 and 2 so far so hopefully it picks up. :)
@VideoWizard: Hahaha, wow, you're making it sound so appealing! Ummm, let me think it over. ^_^;;
@prexus: Yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes I enjoy talking to NPCs and looking for items, but I know that isn't really that fun for you guys to watch, so I'll work on that. The next episodes pick up though! ^ ^

Some more Cosplay Crisis! WOOOO!

Cosplay Crisis
Part Seven: WHERE AM I GOING?!
You have the EXACT same complaints as me about Cosplay Crisis. I've spent every video just nodding my head. If you can stick with it, the game picks up pace when you reach the Golden Saucer area. That's about 30 minutes, to and hour away though =/
who am i and how did i get in here
OK, my games done. (First chapter anyway)
Dont expect alot from it :P, i did it all for the snoopy.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Yeah you...kinda skipped an entire section there! D8 my fault entirely though because I forgot about the teleports to the world map, but yeah. You also missed the entire lower floor of the plane, but again, my fault, since I didn't realize you could use the right teleport to get into the cockpit still. You would've met Quistrell and found out some more stuff about Aio and Forest.

Sorry about the game being very vague about the setting, but it kinda explains itself as the game progresses.

Their world was originally ours, but I ended up changing that. There's some stuff that comes up later, but think of it as more or less a unique FF world. Kumo and Levi live in Ivalicia, the main continent, and in the city of Acaridae, which is their world's Midgar. Kumo and Levi themselves are fairly infamous mercenaries who get hired for all sorts of jobs. Kumo's freelance (like Cloud), while Levi's part of a mercenary organization called Forest (like Squall). Kumo was hired by them to be Levi's partner about a year before the events of this game, so they've been working together for a while.
The group are headed to a cosplay event/convention, the biggest in the world, which takes place in Tokyo. Kinda like ComicCon. That's where you're headed now- and that's why you're in costume. Kumo and Levi are basically doing it because of the amount of crap (like the Reactor bombing) they have to do at home, so they're going on a holiday to get away from their lives for a while. Of course, Omniax continues to screw with them wherever they go, so...

About the 'vigilante':
I guess I didn't emphasize it enough, but it does come up in the next hour or so. The 'spiky haired vigilante' is, indeed, Cloud- and at the same time it's Kumo. I'm going to leave it there because that's what you're supposed to know at this point, and it'll be explained in detail later.

As for the company thing- Omniax is using the planet's energy for machines, yes. That's what Okam is (mako backwards ;) ). But you find out later that there's something a bit heavier going on than that, which becomes the main focus of the story. Omniax is still the root of the problem, but the Okam operations aren't why you're doing this.

The relation of videogames between this world and reality is slightly different. The games themselves are identical to the ones we have, but FF7, for example, had more real-world influences. A lot of the stuff they say they don't realize they're saying. Actually saying a line from a game in a real-world environment has a different effect than if you said it consciously. In the Reactor, Kumo was just retorting the way he would normally. It was Levi who pointed out HEY, FINAL FANTASY VII! every time, otherwise no one would've realized (LANDSLIDE don't play videogames- Miri is the exception). Every line said by Levi in the Reactor was not said in FF7 (including that one about "you do realize if the planet dies we die too, right?). But the way videogames are approached in this game are the same as our world- fans, haters, people who don't give an f-, conventions, merchandise, etc.

Oh, Kumo's role in Omniax. He was on the basketball team *cough, cough*.
As the voice in his head said, this is a lie. What he actually did for Omniax is revealed later XD

Besides the point, Kumo's memory of that time in his life is awful anyway.

Anyway I'd recommend playing your Forest of Despair save and continuing from there or just completing the level and continuing from your Tokyo save. The Forest was meant to get you to level 7-8 (which is why Miri is a higher level than Kumo and Levi when you got her). The Forest gives you a weapon upgrade for her, I think, and the potential for two pieces of materia. You also missed a boss fight and meeting Shadz for the first time, as well as Kumo and Levi discussing what happened in the reactor, so it's not somewhere you're meant to skip ;^; (or can skip)

One of the big problems with Cosplay Crisis is probably that the 'intro' stage of the game drags on too long. You're still technically in the introductory part. Until you're past Gold Saucer and have all your party members and a particular hotel scene plays out, you're still in the intro. I have an enormous problem with pacing that I'm trying to remedy, but it really shows in this game.

edit: just so you know if you do complete the game, your playtime will be over nine hours, I think. I usually reach the Reactor in 30mins, so...
I figured I probably missed something along the way. But c'mon, Kyrsty! I shouldn't be having these problems. I mean, skipping an entire chunk of the story? That's a big screw up and should always be one of the first things you check for when bug testing. Also, you could've given me a better hint that I needed to "go to bed" after the reactor scene. I've got Zane telling me that Miri and Levi want to talk to me, then I find a grocery's like, what am I doing? To I go to the super market? Do I visit Levi's house now? Does Miri live in the building and I find her? It would've been so nice to have Kumo just say, "Man, I'm tired. Think I'm gonna crash for the night" when entering his room.

As for me taking a while, I chose early on to talk to some NPCs and get a better idea of what was going on before moving forward, which is why it took me so long. But I don't really plan to do that anymore (unless I have to).

Just wondering, are you enjoying my videos at all or finding them useful? From your responses, I'm a bit unsure...
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I am really enjoying these videos and I'm finding them very useful, Nico. I'm going to try and fix up as much as I can. I have big issues with uploading because I'm in Australia and the game's pretty big, so fixing things is a painful experience.

As for my testing- if you check the profile this game went through a bucketload of testers as well as myself and people still missed things. I don't know why CC had such a shaky testing period, besides my own sucking/shoddy memory, and I really wish it didn't. Like, I would've sworn those teleports to the world map in the forest had a switch condition, but they don't, and there was an issue in one of FoD's dungeons where you couldn't get out, which I was sure I put in. I think this game is trolling me!

The going to bed thing was one of the first things Kumo said after the Air scene, but I probably should've of emphasized it/reiterated. Sorry about that, Nico :C

As for the supermarket/note, that letter was there at the beginning of the game and was meant to be done earlier when you were in the city. It's optional so it's no big deal.

But yeah I've been really enjoying these videos. The commentary is really nice and it's giving me things I can also take into newer games.

The tracks for the battle themes are by Despite. I wanted to have a same but slightly different feel, which is kind of what's going on with the entirety of Cosplay Crisis.
Oh, that's cool. I didn't realize that Despite made custom renditions just for you. That's pretty sweet! Gives me a new found respect for these tunes (they make me so nostalgic, hahaha).

Phew, that's good. I was afraid my videos were just aggravating you. Glad to hear you're enjoying them. Don't worry, I don't hate your game or anything. I think a lot of it is really cool. I was just getting frustrated towards the end because I didn't understand what was going on! But I'm sure those cutscenes I missed will shed some light on it.

EDIT: Probably the biggest thing you should look out for is having events change after revisiting areas. Like, when I returned to Kumo's apartment, if I walked to the right, he would still say "I need to head to the train station, this leads to the Orphanage." Things like that can make figuring out where to go pretty confusing at times. That aside, the game is pretty solid. ^ ^
When we finish up our Nugget Contest entry today could you play that instead of Outlaw City?

If so I'll post the page and download once they're ready!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
nico. nico. Remember how I said I was sure I put that event in?

I open it up today and:

I just forgot to put the condition switch on the second page ;3; so the game skipped the first page and went to the second- which is the teleport.

damn my shoddy memory ;^;
(or the game is mocking me)