oh really? Good that nobody told me about the bug yet O_o

Will check it.
I have updated the Plugin again and added a couple of new within-text commands:
\i to retrieve the name of an item.
\I to retrieve the description of an item
\t to retrieve the name of a skill
\T to retrieve the description of a skill.

The number paramter tells the ID of the item/skill you wish to retrieve. Also, it's possible to combine the commands now, meaning you can use the command \i\v] to let variable 20 decide which item name you want to retrieve.

It's now also possible to use these commands within the creation of an Text Identifier, which allows you to use a variable in the name.
This can be used for creating a custom Item menu, based on the items from the Database, more easily by allowing you to use loops to create lists of text objects.

The demo has been updated to show how these new features can be used.

oh really? Good that nobody told me about the bug yet O_o
Will check it.

Yeah... I should probably have reported that (i.e. prior to that post).
Another update:

@write_text has now got a 7th Parameter which tells which picture ID the Text should be associated with.
This allows for better control of what layer (in terms of picture) the text should be written on.
It also allows for easier transparency control of the Texts, since their alpha value will be controlled only by the associated picture.

@append_line command has been added to simplify the process of adding lines to an existing text.

A few comment commands has been added as well:
\N returns the class / rank of the hero with ID equal to "number"
\a returns the name of the condition with ID equal to "number"

Another thing is that the texts are now shown above the chosen picture, rather than below it like before

also, some bugs were fixed (remove_all wasn't functioning entirely as intended)

An important note however, is that save files made with an older version of the Plugin are not compatible with the newest version anymore. It is only compatible with save files made with the new version.
I wanna make a question, what font use for the text? because only use a pixel for make the picture lol, I wanna try make something like this

without have to make every dialogue as picture, and make text with scroll is another problem via engines (maybe not possible via engines with a extreme lot of work)
The font used for the text is whatever default font is used by the maker. If you somehow manage to change the font used in the project, this should also affect the font used by the text plugin.
It seems that if you use a picture of a window, the window appear over the text, also I don't know if its possible make a scroll for the text.
I stay working in a engine but its a looot of work.
It looks like you got the text showing on top of the picture to me.

The text would appear below the picture if the picture ID was higher for the picture.
I only see the text if the picture "pixel" is 1, if I change em to another number its dont work
Are you using the latest version of the plugin? With the latest version, the text will appear above the picture you chose to associate the text with. The picture (the name and image itself) is irrelevant, only the ID affects whether text is shown or not (just saying you don't have to use the picture "pixel" for it to work).

As for scrolling, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. If you're referring to the text being gradually revealed as in the typical messages, then no, it's not implemented and might just stay that way.
I use picture 1000 for text; this would be the number you set in the DynRPG.ini file. The file I choose is called "blank" and is a small transparent image drawn way off screen.

If I want a picture to show up behind the text I will use pictures with an ID less than 1000.

For pictures that should show above the text, I use ID of more than 1000.

One way to simulate scrolling text would be to use the @change_text command to keep updating the text to add more of the words you want to say.

@change_text "text", "H", 1
@change_text "text", "He", 1
@change_text "text", "Hel", 1
@change_text "text", "Hell", 1
@change_text "text", "Hello", 1

or for less work

@change_text "text", "Hello", 1
@change_text "text", "Hello, nice", 1
@change_text "text", "Hello, nice to", 1
@change_text "text", "Hello, nice to meet", 1
@change_text "text", "Hello, nice to meet you.", 1

It would be a lot of work for tons of text, but probably less work than some other solutions.
"Thank you guys... but I must go. My planet needs me."
Not sure if this was asked before but, is there something like this for VX?
I seriously could not get this to work. I copy pasted the dll and those two girls to my game, hoping to tweak them. The exact same code from what I could see, just given to different variables, and instead I got some big blue box offscreen.

In about the same amount of time, I copy pasted transparent text, using a black screen, and stripped it to the minimum width/height, and diplayed as a picture, slightly about characters heads.
You remembered to make sure to associate the text pieces with the right picture, right as well as showing this picture, be it entirely transparent or not (picture by ID 1 if you didn't change the dyn .ini file, nor set the picture ID association parameter upon using the @write_text, right?
I have no idea. I was just trying to get it to work.

I associated the ID with 1, and changed the variable for the other with like variable 523 or something. I put the thing in pixel 4, as shown in the other. It was pretty much same everything, since it was copy-pasted.
As said, the association alone isn't enough.
If you did a direct copy paste, the most likely reason for it not working is that you forgot to use "show picture" for that ID. If you associate a text with picture ID 1, you need to have used "show picture 1:" for the text to actually show.

If however a direct 1 to 1 copy paste works, but changing a single parameter doesnt, then it would be helpful if you could post the comment command itself.
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but when calling on a hero's name random symbols and text some times appear after the name. In case this is a special scenario, I am using a variable to reference the hero ID, as seen below.

@write_text "char1name", 93, v0455, "\n{\v{450}}"

note: brackets replaced with {}


Names should be displayed as: Samson, Martha, Parry, Hector
This is known, and also why it's stated that you should add "end" after the last parameter if you're not using all.
Basically, when a text string is the last parameter, there's a chance that random symbols will appear due to a bug within DynRPG itself.

change your command to
@write_text "char1name", 93, v0455, "\n[\v[450]]", end

and you should be fine.
note: brackets replaced with {}

use the
tags to show those symbols
I decided to use this to get rid of the PLETHORA of pictures I had been using for a location indicator and after about an hour and a half of fanagling... I finally got it right! It seems like X and Y for pictures and for text is different, but I'm probably just imagining that. EITHER WAY this is super useful wow.

I do have one question, though... is there a way to escape quotation marks? Like say you wanted something to read - Item Shop "Bottomless Gap" - with the quotes like that. I know you can't do it normally with this because as soon as the compiler sees a quotation mark, it's gonna go "oh hi end of variable" and move on and then crash because there's text where there shouldn't be text. So if you could escape the quotation mark, that would allow for actual quotes in the display text. ... if that's possible?