Because Tinker Bell is awesome. Enough said.

I'm never too old for disney. :P
Two of the letters in my username make sense. D and J are from my first and middle name, Daniel Josiah. Where the "o" came from, I have no idea, really.
... damn, I have always read your username as wildwives never notice it was wildwes

So I looked up "wildwives" in Google, and found more or less what I expected to find.
I really messed up with that name, I even though wildwives was a kind a fruit but now that I analyze what I read is pretty funny hahahaha, sorry for that wildwes, never will happen again.

.......But why is your avatar a foot.

And Lol. Wildwives sounds like a TV show. :P

Wildwes. It looked like you forgot the 'T' in your name. :B
I finish earthbound so wanted to change of avatar but I didn't had anything so just look the first word that came up to my mind on google and put configurations of 150x150 and choose a random one that I liked as avatar, although I made some subtle changes and I hope it looks better.
i like how many people who typically lurk the forums (read: never seen before) come out to post in this topic

welcome lurkers!
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
i like how many people who typically lurk the forums (read: never seen before) come out to post in this topic

welcome lurkers!

who doesn't like talking about themselves?
After Picasso's phase of only painting things in shades of blue.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Hoo boy... I came here to pontificate about some senseless nonsense (don't worry, I'm sure I'll have another drink and get right on that anyway), and I saw this thread. Everyone I have ever played an online game with that I also knew personally has asked what my name meant. I never really had a good answer for them, mostly because I didn't feel/want to explain it. Anyway, here goes...

Back when AOL mailed people 10 free-trial disks a day, my dad finally caved and figured he'd give it a try. Since everyone had to create a username to get on the internet, I was given the opportunity to try and express myself a bit. I wanted it to be unique and not something that every other person would use (Superawesomeguy69 or the like... no offense to anyone out there). The only word I could think of that sounded cool or remotely interesting was oobleck (cool stuff). Obviously, I couldn't spell worth a shit, so I did my best (never got an A in any spelling class).

I also added a "008", but I dropped it a while back. That came from a quote from "The Goonies" when someone called Data "double-0-negatve". But, since most things don't allow -'s in names, I went for something "just a bit off from what people would expect". I still use it if need be, but "Oblic" is usually pretty available.

Anyway, it stuck with me since then.

TL;DR I liked goopy things as a kid and can't spell to save my life.
My "Handle" online name is the name of a Sumerian moon Goddess,I am pagan in my belief system.so i use it to show my belief. My aviator is a very old internet icon. Bobb Dobbs comes from the OLD internet(I am 66) before it went public. There is a whole history about the internet when it was kinda like the wild west,and everything was different. I like the new internet,but sometimes miss the old days. Any way I was thinking about starting a thread about the history of RPG games and where they originated. Early programs were less impressive with graphics(ASCII for chars) BUT the play was very intense. The depth of story and interaction was most important. If you get a chance play an old rogue game,or one of the many clones to understand how deep they can be.
Having a signature is too mainstream. I'm not part of your system!
Heh, my name is kinda boring. One of my friends used to take a word and remove a letter and use that as his name. I used arcane if you can't tell. I also used it because I like the word Arch and I played Starcraft(archons are the shit). I always thought me and Ark were name buddies.
My original nickname was masquerade, but it was pretty common and already taken most of the times I've tried to use it. So I've started to use mirrored version of it - edareuqsam. But this one is kinda ugly, so I came up with a current nickname, which refers to masquerade, it's mirrored version and also a movie I like alot (Mirror Mask). :)

That is all.

I also use the name PizzaTheFace for just about everything besides Youtube and RMN. That one was spawned purple because I thought it was funny.
mine is just from the fact that I happen to like blades a lot and a really weird spelling to the god zeus. not much creative there. sorry.
My screen name is short for my pen name I made up a long time ago: Katoria Draconfyre. It was also my nickname for a long time in high school. Pretty simple, yerp. I also go by Alexias (Alex) or Raine.
Because I like Final Fantasy IX and just plain "trance" was taken on PlayOnline (which is where I first used it). Yep, that simple, nothing mysterious...
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
My friends and I used to call each other 'dude' in highschool a lot. It was all the time. Like, "Dude, did you beat MGS yet?" "Yeah, dude. It was totally awesome."
Then things derailed as we got to know each other. (I was new to the school as of Grade 10 / second year) so we had only just met in '97.)
Eventually, Cam became known as Cam. Darren turned into Duron. Johan turned into John. Justin turned into Dowd, and I remained Dude. All other nicknames are irrelevant, as while I was Dude I started using RPGMaker 95+ and created Dudesoft with a logo that parodied Squaresoft. I used this new software to make fun of the laughable writing Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid offered, so my friends could play these funny games and we'd all have a laugh.
Online I was mostly going by brave_seto, based on FF7's Red XIII's father 'Seto'. I recalled him being called a Brave Warrior by that crazy old Bugenhogen guy. However, when I joined GamingW to show off Take Down Legacy, a game my irl friends would eventually never play because I left that small town, I decided to stick with Dudesoft, since all my many games went under that 'developer' name.
It stuck. Thought about switching to something more professional for my art, but with IRC rolling into my life in a big way, Dudesoft stuck for good. It's a part of who I am.