What is the major/deciding factor for YOU when choosing whether or not to download a game for the first time? - Results

Description - If there's a summary of the plot that catches your interest
Game Page Presentation - Including CSS, logos and the like
Download Amounts - That is, the number of downloads the game already has.
Graphics and Use of - As presented via Screenshots
Videos of the project - Whether LPs, Game Trailers or other
Creator - Having played their past games or knowing them personally/by reputation
Comments - What others have said in the comment section
Game Score - The rating given, whether good or bad
Reviews - Whether they be LTs or written reviews.
Hype - Whether it be flooding with advertisement on sites or
Features - Gameplay promises and certain scripts
Recommendations - Hearing from others that it's worth playing


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Screenshots are the first things I look at. They show you what you'll see while playing and give a good idea about the game atmosphere. RPG Maker VX squares lower my interest in the game while old style 2000/2003 strikes my nostalgic spot.
I look for good mapping, original ideas, and custom elements... anything that makes the game unique.

If you made something custom make sure some screenshots show it!

Best example out there: Lands of Lunori

And, yes, screenshots are the best way to find Action RPGs (my favorites).
This one depends on a lot.. it's hard to answer just one. For example, if it is a brand new release and not many downloads, then I would have to use some other method to decide etc

For me, if I can see a video of the gameplay (this will include graphics, music and all that from some of the other poll options), regardless of the other things.. then I will know if I want to bother with the download.
Actually, the biggest deciding factor for me is whether it's finished or not. I remember the first time I looked at THaNoY, I saw episode 1 of 6,000 or something and passed it up for a while until Liberty's critiques talked me into it. So I suppose creator cred is important too.

If I'm looking at a game in a vacuum though, graphics are important. I need a screenshot that will let me know what flavor of game it is and if there's nothing going on there, I'm just not interested. Back to THaNoY, it does a great job of that with screens and CSS and everything, that page definitely looks like how the game feels.

Summaries are something I barely pay attention to. Too many people open with update notes and I couldn't care less as a first time player. The rest start off talking about gods or 500 years ago, basically the things furthest removed from what I'll be experiencing when I start up a game as some kid waking up late for something. Frankly, if I want to read this sort of fluff, I want to read it in-game, just give me a quick rundown after you've gotten my attention. If you want to hook me, tell me what sort of game it is first: comedy, horror, trad fantasy, sci fi, action rpg, strategy, character-driven, plot twists a-plenty. Sell me on the experience before you tell me how much you're impressed with your own backstory. If you tell me a game is like Harvest Moon or Atelier Iris, that game is getting played immediately, so don't be too proud to name-drop inspirations either.

PS: If you mention Phantasy Star, my expectations go into the stratosphere. Tread carefully or I might hunt you. >:(
Probably file size. If I see a 250MB+ download I don't care if your game matches the quality of true RPG classics, I ain't gonna bother downloading that. Other than that I look at screenshots. I don't mind RTP style graphics at all, in fact I quite like them, but if your game has unique graphics that could be a plus (depends on the style used I guess). Summary would be on third place. I don't care about paragraphs of background story that are of no relevance to my game experience, I just wanna read about the game's features and an introduction to the main plot and characters.

Oh, and I automatically skip any direct fan games, even of games I do enjoy. It just doesn't interest me to play an inferior version of a game I like.
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