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I need to stop forgetting to finish Vagabond so I can write a review for it. DON'T WORRY IT'S COMING! >_<

Same here for your stuff! D:

I've been so busy AND lazy lately... ;w;
So I have uploaded my new version for my game and it can be found here:

I would love to do a review exhange with somebody, but I'm not sure if people would like to do a review for a demo?
I'd like to have a review exchange with you Dark_Metamorphosis but, is it alright if I PM the game I want to be reviewed? (And if you're not afraid of getting a potential no score review ;A; )
I'd like to have a review exchange with you Dark_Metamorphosis but, is it alright if I PM the game I want to be reviewed? (And if you're not afraid of getting a potential no score review ;A; )

That would be fine :) Is it a full game that you want reviewed? A potential no score is fine, I just want to see the ups and downs with the game so far. Is there a specific reason why it would come without a score though? Maybe beecause It's a demo?, or not fully polished yet? Just a little curious that's all.

I hope you are not afraid to get a potential noob review as well, since It's my very first one. I have written reviews before, but It's been a while :)

Looking forward to play your game :)
Ah the reason is mostly because it's a demo! I really avoid giving a numeric score to a demo as much as possible, unless I really loved it :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
Hi everyone, I'm not quite sure how this works, and in addition my game is still in alpha so kind of nervous. Am I still allowed to ask for a review >for< a review? Thanks!

My game.

Has anyone taken this up yet? Are you willing to take on *gasp* Uchioniko?
I might be asking for a review exchange (depending on the game) soonish, once I finish up my LP for Oracle of Tao (I haven't gotten back to that due to a) Computer issues (computer was BSoDing/randomly restarting because of Graphic Gale being installed oddly enough) and b) Was playing Crisis Core and wanted to finish that before doing anything else. Once I get that game done, then back to Oracle of Tao LP, then probably going to ask for another review here since Bulma hasn't really done much on his end (even though we somehow agreed upon doing one in an...odd way? It was official yet unofficial I guess you can say?).
I heard my name called across the Ether, and responded.

In all honesty, I couldn't really get too far in the game because:
(A) I don't know Touhou, so everything from the map to the jokes was confusing to me.
(B) I'd walk into cave areas, and it said "This area is not done." I honestly don't know if this is because the game is in demo, or because those areas seriously are broken, or what you actually meant was "You haven't gotten to these areas in the plot yet." If it's the latter, you need specialized "We don't need to go here just yet" lines instead of not done, which is just confusing.

Anyway, that's pretty much my review. There were a few other issues, like wandering into zones where monsters were much tougher than the party, or generally having a poor sense of where to go next. But unfortunately, I've been busy fixing my game (playtesting too, I'm trying to get completely through the game, so I can make sure there's not major bugs). And much of it has been said in the first review (basically, that it was incomplete), so I'm not real sure how to proceed. So yea, probably should get a second review going.

Crisis Core... I think I got to some spot where there were a bunch of sidequests, and I'd done Bahamut, and I said whatever. I lost sight of where the plot was going.
If it says "This area is not done", that's due to it not being in the current beta (yes, the game is still a beta despite having 30+ hours of gameplay to it right now). Meaning they're not made yet but will be there later. I did fix some of those issues though, such as the entering areas you shouldn't by making it impossible until you had to. So yeah, there's been quite a few fixes here and there, both coding-wise and map-wise. I'll at the very least TRY to finish up my Let's Try (why'd I call it a Let's Play when it's not?) before asking for another reviewer (again, depending on the game).

I did all of the sidequests I could early on (meaning by the time I moved on from the spot I was at, the earliest point where you can unlock the final superboss, I was around level 70 with ways of doing 99,999 easily to everything. Needless to say, the rest of the game was a joke).
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Holy hell the fiends after that giant Ork are such a pain in the ass to beat in Vagabond. I skipped that hell hound boss entirely because he was just impossible. Needless to say, I'll still try to get through this game. since I'm not in the mood to completely start over and regrind for everything that I had previously, I'm going to cancel this Let's Try for now. Mostly because I just found out that my saves had been overwritten by saves that aren't mind, meaning whatever last update I got had save files in it and I didn't realize this. >_>;;
Yea, I should have told you, not only do you probably need the newest version, but you generally have to desktop the folder, get rid of my save files, and overwrite it manually, since I'm also playtesting my game.

I'm gonna get rid of Save 4, so you can just save to save 2 or 3 onward (anything besides 1, which I'm using), and actually have a chance at this.
If someone has a short game (like, under 6 hours ish), I might be up for reviewing it.

I have a lot on my plate right now, but I need small distractions to prevent myself from going insane. I might be able to handle a short game. Might take me a little while, though.

(my own game is about 6 hours as well: here it is)

NOTE: Please PM me about this before you jump on this! I'm not taking more than one review request at a time!

Current status: Overwhelmed with school. Not free now, sorry. :(
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