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I've actually already posted a game and have been lurking around here for awhile but I've yet to post on the forums. Hi!

I'm Minnow. I've been playing with RPG Maker on and off since 2k days and have lurked forums since rmxp.net. I never completed a game (or even completed more than like 10 minutes of a game) until the All Hallows Event this year (I was really proud of my entry for like an hour but now I think it's just awful and I wish I could wipe it from history entirely but it's going to live forever on Fomar0153's youtube channel and ohgodi'msosorry).
It was definitely a learning experience and I've got a huge list of things that I now know to consider when making my next game. I think my strongest area is graphics but I'd like to become more well rounded and produce something that's actually playable and not just pretty.

I live in Ontario, Canada. I dabble in graphic design here and there and have been using photoshop consistently for the past 5 or 6 years.
I make my living by refurbishing and then selling antique/unloved furniture from estate sales, garage sales, and peoples garbage (I'm classy). I am aiming to have a storefront by next summer and eventually transition into making my own entirely custom pieces.

That's about it. I'm looking forward to being more active around the forums and getting to know you all :)
You the practice of self-promotion
Welcome to RMN, fellow former lurker! Better late than never, I say ... Consider your AHE entry your coming out party, as ugly as you consider it (Damn Formar and his YT videos!). Anyway, there's only one way to go but up ... Especially seeing that you must have some sort of Midas touch turning people's crap into stuff that's useful. Now you have a chance to make up for lost time here as well. See you around in the forums!

Thanks! That's how I'm trying to look at it. I realized I had to start finishing/posting stuff even if it was awful if I ever wanted to improve.
I wouldn't call it a Midas Touch, I just like giving nice old pieces the love they deserve :p
That damn Fomar is a scourge of us all! I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Welcome to RMN!
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