I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Man what kind of anticlimactic line for the final battle of the game that also is the culmination of her life's mission is "You're goin' down, freak!"

I mean that's a rhetorical question obviously it's the best kind
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well... crap, I dunno.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Duplication is gone! Changed my guys things.

As an Other quote: "I'll show you REAL magic!"
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
All above characters are on the master list, except Waldsen and Jordain due to portrait duplication issues. They'll both be put on after that's sorted out.

Duplication is gone! Changed my guys things.

Alright! Waldsen and Jordain are on the master list.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
This look OK for Rackward?

If so, I can do the sprite, too.
You're magical to me.
His life in ruin, Gambino seeks atonement and re-admission into the Order by tracking down Maricela, his former quarry and the originator of his plight so many years prior. However, he is still uncertain about what justice truly means.

Haha, awesome, you tied in your character's backstory with mine :D
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Alright, I'm going to bed for now. (Feel free to keep adding characters, though!)

While you can make who you wish, if you're struggling for ideas, we could use some more tanky characters (beeftanks, we have 2-3 evasiontanks already), some more archers/mace-wielders/shieldbearers, and more fire/water magic (fire especially). While again, you can make who you want, we probably don't need many more characters who use swords or claws.

You are welcome to submit characters until around the afternoon-early evening of Jan 15th (I'm in EST zone, GMT-5h), at which point I'll be wrapping everything up so that I can upload it on the morning of the 16th. Submitting characters after the middle of Wednesday does not guarantee that they will be in the game (and even if I do sneak 'em in, they won't be as involved as I hope to make everybody else. Please keep in mind that this IS a two-day game, so it's not going to be masterpiece, but I'm going to do my best to have a little something somewhere for every character).
don't owrry craze I jericho am here to assist you...

Blaïze the Cremater

Gender: Genderqueer. Preferred pronoun is "xe"
Age: 16
Description: In the summer of 168 A.F. a baby was abandoned at the foot of a volcano. Xe was taken in by a group of fire mages and taught to use fire magic, and it seemed to all that the Blaïze was a prodigy, making xem very arrogant as a result. On xyr sixteenth birthday, the Flame Council saw fit to inform xem of xyr unique heritage. Blaïze discovered that xe was 1/4 wyrm, 3/4 wyzard. Lusting for answers as to who xyr parents were, Blaïze set off, following the rumor of the "Wyrm Wizard."
Other: Blaïze has a secret. Xe is terrified of fire and only uses it to fit in.
Class: Burnlord
Stats: Very high magic and skill points, very low attack and healing.
Weapon(s): staves, daggers
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Fire Magic, Flame Magic, Cooking, Ash Magic
Focus: Single-target damage and charging spells up because the fire temple's motto was 'the bigger the better'

Victory quotes:
Victory- Flame off.
Item drop screen- That's worth about 90 Embercoins™!
Leveling up- OHHHH!! It's hot oh HOHOHOH!!
Opening a chest- Firearms, I hope.
Starting battle (high HP)- I'll burn anyone who comes near me to ashes!
Starting battle (low HP)- Ugh..haha..did it just get colder in here?
Staying at an inn- Time to cool off..
Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard- I hate you. HATE HATE HATE YOU! I can think of nothing but sending you straight to Hell!
Bath Scene- *nosebleed*
Bath Scene 2- ...love me tinder...
Bath Scene 3- You're a real hottie.
Scene where xe betrays everyone (spoiler(alert)) - Sorry, you're all fired.

Shalaste the Brazen

Class: Shield Bearer
Stats: Very High Health, High Defense, Low Magic, Low Skill Points, Low Speed
Battle Abilities: Skilled in battle with hammers and axes, with the use of a shield. Twice as likely to be targeted in battle as any of her team mates.
Skill Pools: Tanking, Fire
Focus: Receiving/Deflecting Damage, Multi-Target Damage (Axes), Single-Target Debuffs (Hammers)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Description: Daughter of a blacksmith. After her father was conscripted into the Wyrm Wizard's army, she closed the shop and took up arms to win him back. She carries the cold steel hammer from her father's workshop, which she is able to imbue with the fires of his forge. Or from her own anger, take your pick; she does have a nasty temper.

Victory: "Now you know why they call me 'The Iron Maiden'." | "Never again."

Item Drop: "You dropped something. Or was that me?"

Leveling Up: "Father! I'm coming for you!"

Opening a Chest: "Need me to open that for you with my hammer?"

Start of Battle: "I'm the hammer, you're the anvil. Time to make some sparks!" | "Do me a favor and just ram your faces into this." | "It always comes to this, doesn't it?"

Staying at an Inn: "I'll just partition off the room. Stay on your side."

Final Battle: "Give my father back, you sack of jackanapes!"

Alternately, if she's managed to free her father somehow: "I brought you something, Worm. It's the fire from my father's forge. You can thank me by burning to ash now."

Note: I'd have preferred longer hair, but don't consider myself a skilled enough pixel artist to redraw hers.

Belladonne the Pirate Babysitter
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Description: Easily excitable, generally friendly. Good at controlling kids though she is usually much more aggressive with them than adults. At the age of 16 ran away from home and found herself in a tough situation. She had ended up in a pirate's den taking care of their children as they pilfered and committed crimes. While she obviously didn't want any part of this situation, she didn't really have any way out of the situation but to turn herself in so that she'd be returned home by ye olde police.
Other: Was in Rackward's pirate den in particular. She's probably butthurt about being put in a tough situation so perhaps she could recognize Rackward and try to turn him in.

Picked up pretty colorful language that she doesn't know how to use right, mostly because she's generally friendly and still tries to incorporate pirate speak.

Class: Babbysitter
Stats: Very high HP, High Attack and defense, average speed, low magic low healing.
Weapon: Guns, shields, whips.
Armor: Heavy/leather
Skillsets: Endurance (Raises max HP for allies, lowers enemy max HP), Cheer (light group healing abilities), Berserker Attacks (heavy damage that hurts Belladonne)
Focus: Skills that raise max HP (if possible) lower max enemy HP, very light group healing, attacks that do a lot of damage but also hurt Belladonne.
Victory quotes:
Victory- I've crushed seventeen men's skulls between my thighs! And you thought you were going to be different?
Item drop screen- Ooh, I know me some kids who would LOVE this.
Leveling up- I guarantee you, I've had a twenty percent decrease in my "lice ratio!" N-not that I have lice!
Opening a chest- Smartly, now, smartly.
Starting battle (high HP)- Get pumped ye'll! Get PUMPED!
Starting battle (low HP)- B-bilge beauties...
Staying at an inn- Anyone need to be tucked in?
Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard - Someone needs a spanking! Come on, ye'll let's beat this baby!

I tried one!
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Added those last three to the master list! It's time to start doing some gam mak!
Another caster that enjoys hurting others, while getting hurt him/herself. :O

Weylin the Pyromancer

Name: Weylin
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Description: If there's a chance to make something explode, Weylin will take it without a second thought. Hurting himself in the process is generally seen as a worthwhile sacrifice.
Other: He's pretty much a little, sadistic child that likes setting things on fire, and/or explode them. A few months ago he was doing the usual, setting random (usually abandoned) buildings/things on fire, but instead of being chased from the land, he was being hailed a hero! Turned out he decimated a whole cult of evil followers in the process. Tasting his first bite of praise for doing what he likes doing best, he's decided to play hero by chance for a little while longer.
Class: Pyromancer
Stats: Very high Magic, high SP, Good Barrier, decent Speed, low everything else
Weapon(s): Staffs
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Fire
Focus: Making enemies go BOOOM! He's got good AoE and decent single target spells, however, the more powerful one's hurt him too. Or maybe all his spells have a recoil part, I'll leave that up to you. :P

-Victory - "Hahaha, did you guys see that one guy go BOOOM!?" | "Quickly, let's find some more enemies to set on fire!"
-Item drop screen - "Oh, there was still something usable left? I'll try harder next time."
-Leveling up - "Did my flame turn blue this time?" | "My hotness knows no bounds!"
-Opening a chest - "What a pitiful chest now that it's empty...let me burn it!"
-Starting battle (high HP) - "Time to set things on fire!" | "Burnable trash spotted!"
-Starting battle (low HP) - "I feel like I'm about to go boom myself...!" | "HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!"
-Staying at an inn - "It's not my bedtime yet, I'm not...even...tired...zZz" | "I-it's not like I'm s-scared or anything, b-but the light stays on!"
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard - "Real magic is supposed to hurt yourself, let me teach you!"

Edit: This is quite popular, maybe a bigger event like this -somewhere down the line- would be a good idea.
This ought to be fun. If this becomes a full game I so want to help.
You're magical to me.
I had so much fun with the first character that I thought I'd make another. :D

Leigh the Defender

Name: Leigh
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Description: Leigh joined the Defenders of Uiraran, a league of elite knights, in order to follow in the footsetps of her mother, a great crusader who fell in combat. She's skilled at battle, but suffers from shyness and isn't good at dealing with people.

Other: While she is happy as a warrior, has a secret desire to become a romance novelist on the side.

Class: Defender
Stats: High HP and Defense, Moderate Attack, Barrier, and Healing, Low Everything Else

Weapon(s):Maces and Shields

Armor: Heavy.

Skillsets: Tanking, Healing (with Water Magic)

Focus: Can do some light healing spells, but her main purpose is a meat shield (maybe also a skill that makes enemies attack her, if possible)

Victory "D-did I overdo it?" "...Um... hooray?" "May they... um... rest in peace..."
-Item drop screen "Y-you guys can have this..." "...Is this our reward?"
-Leveling up "I'll be more d-dependable from now on..."
-Opening a chest "...Hmm?"
-Starting battle (high HP) "S-so, let's... do our best." "Mama, I... I'll make you proud!"
-Starting battle (low HP) "Don't... don't let me slow you down."
-Staying at an inn "G-goodnight, everyone."
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "Y-you've caused so much misery to everyone. Together, we have the power t-to stop you!"
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Alright, I quickly and roughly whipped up some stats (only for any characters before this post):

Sword: 5
Dagger: 6
Claw: 3
Axe: 2
Mace: 3
Staff: 8
Bow: 6
Gun: 3
Shield: 5

Fire: 5
Water: 5
Storm: 4
Dark: 6
Heavy Weaponry: 5
Light Weaponry: 8
Tanking: 4
Healing: 9

Heavy: 5
Stealth: 10
Mystic: 9

("Very high" and "very low" count as +-2 instead of +-1.)
Health: +10, -7 (net +3)
Skill Points: +6, -7 (net -1)
Attack: +11, -8 (net +3)
Defense: +6, -9 (net -3)
Magic: +12, -5 (net +7)
Barrier: +7, -8 (net -1)
Speed: +9, -8 (net +1)
Healing: +2, -7 (net -5)

-Let's see some more characters who wear heavy armor, use axes, maces and shields, and who can tank and/or cast water/storm magic!
-Try to even up Magic and Healing with new characters. There's a LOT of high magic, and quite a bit of low Healing. The Healing stat will affect potions as well as healing magic itself, so it's a viable stat to adjust even if the character has no cure spells.
-We have more women than men, which is fine, but make sure you double-check to see if a female portrait has been used before posting it. =)
-<EDIT WOW: Okay, Leigh gives us a another solid tank. That really helps even things out. Could still use another tanky character but things are looking a bit more balanced.>
-Still feel free to make who you want! These are just some guidelines if you want to help balance out the party.

edit: damn it, unity XD
Leigh is now accounted for in this post =P
You're magical to me.
edit: damn it, unity XD
Leigh is now accounted for in this post =P

Haha, it's your fault for making such an interesting game! :D
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Hell yes gonna do this

Also going to break your high fantasy setting because I'm an asshole who does that

Hitori the Magical Girl

Too kawaii to live; too sugoi to die.

Anywho, I would have to take a gander through the list to see what I could add that doesn't overlap heavily with other entries. Also also, Yasuno the Businessman is ambiguous enough to such that if you need him in a different role, he can be modified. I'd be cool with that. (In the "Expanded Universe" game, he'd be a good candidate for a Mathamagician/Calculator class, imho). Lastly, is Jeffan's bravado masking his homosexual tendencies? Does he feel ashamed and that is why he hasn't come out of the closet? Does he have a secret male lover?? PLAY AND FIND OUT!!
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I would feel bad making a character with high healing but no healing skills, even though that seems to be what we need. So instead I went back and edited Rackward to have slightly low magic instead of slightly low healing.

This look OK for Rackward?

If so, I can do the sprite, too.
That's fantastic, you're amazing!
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

("nickname" has been commandeered to show which equipment types a character can use.)