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I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Passage Dungeon's Name: Pulse Crystal Cavern
Any Character ties?: Nothing comes to mind. I'm bad at character tie-ins ;_;
Description: It's a cave filled with crystals the create magical discharge between ones of the same color. For example, if there are two large purple crystals near each other, an impassable magical discharge barrier is created between them. Only by touching the crystal will it change color. This opens up a lot of opportunity for puzzles and such.
Monsters: Crysalisks-snake crystals, floating crystals and things of that nature.
Boss: Crystal Golem. Changes color every _ turns, each color determines his weaknesses and resistances. Has attacks that debuff you and elemental magic, dependant on current color.
Other Notes: uh...

There's a cursed dungeon!

How about another optional?

Optional Dungeon's Name: Sunken Sky-ship
Character Tie-Ins: Jordain is needed here! This is his old ship, and only he knows the password to the treasury which contains a super treasure.
Description: It's a ruined ship on land. Full airship gear and stuff.
Monsters: Spirits of the deceased crew-members, whatever creatures are in the area of the crashed ship.
Boss: The boss is a Greed Demon, attracted by Jordain's treasury.
Special Items: Tons of items! TONS! (the rest of the ship can be barren)
Other Notes: I don't think there's really a tile-set for a ship, let alone an airship so.... might be difficult. If it's not possible I'll not care, I'll just make a different one.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Although I don't exactly see what your puzzle idea has to do with the concept of "order", it's still a pretty good idea in my opinion. I'm not sure if the Dome is the perfect place for it, but that's for unity to decide.
Either way, I like your suggestion and hope it can be implemented somewhere in the game.
Thanks. I was using "order" in the sense of a sequence: A before B, B before C,and so on. You might consider it a pun. But the two are often interrelated: In order to create order, you must do things in order.
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