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This topic is sorely for non-RM videogame questions. Wanna know how you get that secret item? Past a puzzle? Ask anything here and me and they will (hopefully) be answered. Note that it would be extremely helpful if I wasn't the only one answering. Anyone can ask, anyone can answer.

Anyways, I've got a few things to ask:

Phantom Dust (Xbox) -- Most of you have probably never played this game. Hell, you've probably never heard of it. But for those of you who have, do you know if theres a local split-screen multiplayer co-op option? The only things I can find in the multiplayer mode are 1-on-1 battles, but no co-op. And while I'm at it, is the online Xbox Live stuff also simply PVP (Player Vs. Player), or are there some full-fleged co-op missions?

Tales of Symphonia (GameCube and soon-to-be PS2) -- I should probably know this, but how do you activate long-range mode while on the world map? I've already got the ability to in some areas... I just can't figure out how to activate it.

*By the way, both of these games were bought used, and came without an instruction booklet. So if the answers in there, well, I can't exactly see it.
For your ToS question, you have to find the Guide Post Monuments that are scattered around the areas. They're the big stone things that you'll sometimes find at what appear to be dead-ends. As for actually using it, I'm pretty sure you just hit X.
Interesting thread idea and at a good time too. I was playing through Oblivion again, and this time I went through the Mages Guild a different way. I got this incredible spell Fingers of the Mountain... but it costs over 4000 magicka to use!

Is there a way to even GET that much? I'm a level 31 and barely have 150! I can't find the answer anywhere.

...and I have not played either of your games Spazz so I can't help...
Never played Oblivion, sorry.

But I do have another question that sprung up last night. I was having a friend over for a sleepover, and he noticed that I had Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for Xbox. He said that he played a demo of the PS2 version and wanted to start a new game on it. While he was playing, though, he claimed that the PS2 version was way better. He said that "the graphics are better (on PS2), you can actually see his (the Prince's) face," among other things, including getting reeeeeeeallly annoyed that the Prince automatically puts away his sword after a fight. After about five minutes, he quit without saving, saying, and I quote, "On PS2 this game is awesome, but the Xbox version sucks!

What the hell!? thought the game was nearly identical on all three systems? I think its a great game (though I'm only about an hour and a half in). The only two things I can think of are

a) one of his TV's is widescreen (he played it at his house), so maybe that enhanced the image, but his PS2 is currently hooked up to his Standard 4:3 TV, though he might have played it before he moved it, as he uses the widescreen TV for his Wii, or

b) the demo was obviously an unfinished product, so maybe they changed a few things around after release. Either that or the graphics really are better on PS2, though that hardly seems to be a reason to hate one version and not the other.... Or that each system has just a slightly different color palatte, so the same image may appear slightly darker on one version than another.

The Big Question: Is there any major differences in the main game of Sands of Time between each version, not including any bonuses or minor extras?
Uhh I seriously doubt it. I own the PS2 version and he always put his sword away after each battle. It was kinda a sign of, all clear. Tell your friend he's a whiny dick for giving up an awesome game like that because he was believing the face wouldn't show. There's a good possibly he needs his eyes checked ::)
The xbox version actually had slightly better graphics. Tell your friend to shove up his ass and quit being a whiny bitch. He's being petty. Prince of Persia is about the gameplay and level design.
@Quiversee, to cast Fingers of the Mountain, 1.You need to raise your destruction magic skill, the higher it is the less magicka all destruction spells cost, at level 100 it will be about 1500 magicka.

2.Max out on max magicka increasing potions when you want to cast it, and use a welkynd stone and you should have enough magicka to cast it. (If you are level 100 in alchemy also) It also helps if your a specialized high elf with the atronach birthsign, max magicka you can get naturally is 450 with this setup.

Don't finish the mainquest until you close all 100 oblivion gates!
Too late on the mainquest part. I only closed about 37 gates. But thanks... now I just need to finish maxing out the magic schools.
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