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I made a video recently of the remade version of my Particle Effects Plugin, and now it should be bug free enough to use. It's already been uploaded to the site, and I'm adding this topic to increase a tiny bit of visibility to it. If the RMbler ever becomes a thing, I'd probably use that instead.

For those of you familiar with the old version, the changes which this version brings with it, is that it has pretty much been rewritten from scratch, and improved a lot on in terms of performance. I've had test runs with up to 24,000 particles creating a snow like weather effect, while still running on 60 fps on my core i5 laptop.
That, and it has (in my oppinion) generally been made easier to use as well.

Depending on the response, I might write a tutorial, on how to better utilize the plugin, showing how to do various effects and how you can utilize the various properties to create cool stuff.

You can find the download link here
Cool, I'll try it out some time. Continue updating your plugins. Fix mode 7's inability to erase a sprite!
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