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Zero from Drakengard/Drag-on Dragoon 3

Practice with using anti-alias

I want to try to make tiles and battlers of Child of Light as pixel practice, and, well, here's a start with Aurora in idle pose.

And the full sprite for Mary.

Hopefully we'll see some improvement from here eh? :'''''')
You're so good with color.
Awww that Aurora is no nice~<3

Actually, all of these look really great. So pretty~
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Super cute!

And Goatboy, here's a really great thing for pixel art palettes that someone showed me. It's super helpful for getting all sorts of palettes! I used it for the first one haha XD
Hey that's actually pretty nifty. Awesome. :>
Ooh so you posted your pixel art here too :> very nice work!

Hehehe, running in the same circles XD
I, too, stalk your thread here in rmn! /slapped

Thanks very much for taking a look! =w=)/
Aw, looks at the cute little Aurora~<3

The rest of it is really pretty! You're really good with colors - they're all so vibrant.
Thanks very much, Gourd!! Working with pretty colors is one of my top goals in art, so I'm really glad to hear it's coming along >w<
This is great and I know others have already said it but I do really like the color palette. I also enjoy the whimsy of the characters.
Well, I have a bunch of Painted Heart concept art that I haven't posted and don't want to include on the gamepage, so I'll just ramble about them here if that's ok. (They're not game resources so this isn't breaking rules, right? D= )

There's also some other recent paintings which may be interesting or maybe not who knows

Painted Heart Scenery Concepts

Well, this was actually what I intended to be the first scene of Painted Heart, before Trass and I even figured out the story. I thought it was important to make a big visual impression on the player by showing vibrant color and shocking light/dark contrast. You can see what I intended to be Castle Weisse Blume in the bg there. Well, in the end I thought starting with trees to the left like this was too Limbo-esque and scrapped it. Oh well!

And here's the concept for the actual first scene. Yes, I ripped the window from here and pasted it into the game map. I'd read somewhere that most starting rpg dungeons are forests because the colors and vibrancy of the map will interest the player and invite him/her to play more, so that's why the first scene became lighter and calmer. The detail of the concept art goes downhill from here as we started eating up the month's time...

Concept sketch for the main area in "Golem's Birth". In the background you might be able to tell that there are a bunch of hills and a road leading up to a building that goes off the edge of the painting... The tower was the most important part so the hills and path got chopped off when drawing the parallax.

Tower of Repentance concept. I wanted to decide the colors and atmosphere of this area rather than scenery details.

By the time I got to Weisse Blume I was pretty tired and did not even want to think about adding details. All about the color palette at this point.

Child of Light Fanart

Original Painting 1--Path Up a Town

Sometime in May one of my school projects was to make a board game. Obviously, I made a board game about making video games (which actually had a LOT of similarities to the Game Dev sim game, despite my not having seen it until later. I guess the logistics of making games really is that simple). This was the painting for the board's background but when printed it came out horribly dark, so you couldn't see any of the details. Take this as a warning, I guess: if you're printing art, make the file lighter than what's perfect on a computer screen.

Original Painting 2-- On a Boat

A rough painting I made about 2 days ago to destress after the contest.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
This may be random, but I posted a topic in here about looking for an artist willing to do a comic/manga of sorts, and I'd like to know, would that be something you'd one day be interested in?

Not counting just that, I also have some huge connections to huge people who would promote it to millions of their fans. So that's a plus.
Haha thanks for the offer man =D
I'm absolutely sure that I have neither the skill nor the dedication to do good comics work though-- it's something that takes a lot of passion, from what I've seen.

Good luck with finding an artist that matches what you're going for, in any case!
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
My other artists I've had in the past didn't have the dedication either. I even tell them right up I don't mind how long it takes to do so long as they don't vanish without word, and give them 95 percent creative freedom where I only have 5 percent when it comes to main character designs.

I get them, they then don't say anything, don't do any work, and vanish in over a few weeks.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Though you do have the skill for it. I can tell from what you've posted above.
Accha, if you don't mind me asking, how long have you been at this? Your art is fantastic!
@Thiamor, I actually have a lot of close friends majoring in comics and really, their skill set is vastly different from mine. Trust me on that. =)

@slash, I've been looking up tutorials for art ever since I was 13 so that's 6 years of sacrificing friends to fires of the great dark lord in exchange for power now XD
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
@Thiamor, I actually have a lot of close friends majoring in comics and really, their skill set is vastly different from mine. Trust me on that. =)

And? I like your art. XD

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