Hi, I'm Peri. I'm mainly a programmer these days, but I do art too.

Pixel art:

Making this mockup a while back demonstrated to me the folly of trying to make an entire game like that by myself.

More from that game.

Some roguelike sprites and tiles for an asset pack that I have been meaning to finish. The sprites are pretty old, but I had a bunch of them lying around, so I figured why not make some tiles too and sell them.

Was experimenting with a quick sprite style for battles but never went anywhere with it. The monster designs are kinda neat, I guess.

A big landscape I did a while back.

Despite hating myself while doing the previous landscape, I for some reason decided it was a good idea to do another one. This has been sitting unfinished on my hard drive for quite some time because I couldn't motivate myself to clean up all of the grass. The clouds need to be finished too. Someday...


This one I did yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how to make backgrounds very quickly, so the painting is rather messy. The building is 3D. I wrote a quick walkthrough if you're interested in how I did it.

Here are a few old speedpaints I did:

I also did a brief foray into painted tiles:

Environmental concept art with composited photos:
Painting takes forever, so recently I decided to speed up the concept process by compositing photos instead. The compositing is pretty quick and lazy, but the point was to generate ideas, and I think they came out kinda cool. Sorry these are a little big.

Some character designs:
The point was the design, so I didn't paint them, and some of them are pretty messy. Man, designing modern characters to look interesting without looking improbable is really tough! I struggled with the first two in particular.

I promise there's a reasonable explanation for the dumb spear with a chain attached...

The tattoo from the first character design:

Supposed to be Hermetic-flavored. My setting has a lot of magic glyphs and tattoos, so I'll probably do more of these at some point.

I do 3D as well as of late, but I'll skip that for now since there's a lot here and people tend to find my 3D less interesting.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
My mind is utterly blown now. I couldn't even imagine how to draw things like that if I spent the rest of my entire life practising.
How do you artistic people do it?
Thanks for the compliment! If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to explain my process. Also, the one tutorial I did was pretty well received, so I'm thinking about doing more. Let me know if there's anything you're particularly interested in.
Good lord, mun! I'm absolutely blown away by your pixel art and environment pieces, but I'm not too fond of the character designs at the very bottom.

You must have an enormous amount of patience? But then again, I ask that about every pixel artist; seeing such high-quality images that must have taken a lifetime to complete leaves me in awe every time.

The first speedpaint and "big landscape" are my favorites by far.
Yeah, I'm more of an environmental artist than a character artist. I'm planning on getting another artist to do the portraits for my game. What don't you like about the designs, though?

And yes, pixel art takes forever. That's one reason I'm moving towards painted graphics. It takes so much less time.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
That's a really wide range of styles! Those pixel paintings are awesome... I like the first speedpainting too - the mix of colors makes it feel just a tad surreal; I think it's the brightness of the grass against the darker blue sky.

If the character designs stick out to me, it's only because they're mostly flat, which I assume was done in interest of time. The clothing design is cool.

I'm sure I'll interrogate you for pointers soon >_>
Yeah, the flat shading was because I was focusing on the design aspect rather than the art aspect. The design won't go into a game, so I didn't see the point of shading it. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the art!

I did another background and another, more detailed, walkthrough explaining the process.
Your art is utterly beautiful Peri. I don't have the right words to adequately offer praise for this gallery so I'll just leave it at that. :)
Wow, these are so gorgeous ;__;
These are great! I really like the speedpaints.

Though I'd like to ask, how do you guys do it? It's safe to say that I'm decent in pen and paper; but when I try it in the computer, it ends up being either a 5-year-old's work in MS Paint, or a monochrome mess.
I could do a little spriting, but anything above 16px almost always ends up horrifying...
Glad you guys like the art! karins_soulkeeper, if you want some insight into my painting process, the walkthrough I linked in my last post goes into a little bit of detail about it. Basically, I start with flat colors, then build up highlights and shadows with a brush with opacity set to pressure control (to blend colors more easily), then go back over it and add areas of greater highlights and shadows.

(Also, I noticed the first environmental piece was broken for some reason, so I fixed the link.)
Very, very impressive work! Please, never stop! :D
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How do you...? What do you...? When...?

I'm kind of lost for words, a bit.

I would also maybe pay for those roguelike tiles. Tell me when they be released.
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Woahh these are amazing!

Your color palettes and composition are really nice. And your painted skies are especially fantastic.

And your tattoo designs are so intricate!

just woah
Dayuuuuum. I love your landscapes and skies. A lot.
Ack! Such wonderfulness!! I admire the hell out of anyone who can do such wonderful landscapes :.D Beautiful

Duuuuuuuude I remember this! Was awesome then, still awesome now!
The pixels are excellent. I dig your colour scheme.
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It seems like the first character concept would be like the girl from Daylight that you play as.

Nice work!