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Speaking of VX, I don't know if anybody has made a patch to change it yet, but from all of the complaints I've heard about the limited number of tilesets and such, if I ever buy it I've been thinking about creating a patch for it that would add the ability to have more tilesets or make them have no size limit, and add have the ability to mark some as non auto tile or something like that.

Of course though, since I don't have a copy off it I don't know how exactly it was programmed and what language they used it making it. I prefer recoding in the original language (If I have aleast a basic knowledge of it that I can expand on) rather than using decompilers/compilers to change it.
All have their things. for wxample RPG MAKER XP have better graphics than 2003 and 2000 well less than the VX. the VX i dont have prove it so i better dont say anything of it. i love 2003 its simple you can make many many things with it you even can create a good plataform game with many efforts of course the only bad its the graphics and the musci not much there are incredible music with midi so thats dont a problem, and 2000 i thinks this is the worst because of course 8 years could make anything jajaja it its good the battle mode its classic well for the year 2000 it was a very good game maker. so the best game maker depends of the person really
Well if we were to go by experience, then 2k3 would be my comfort zone. But I want to move on and try something different, so I'm pretty much forcing myself off of 2k3 after I release SEB and go to XP.

I would have gone to VX, I've tried it and pretty much everything I've done so far in it has been interesting and fun, but the tileset engine annoys me to no end. So XP is the happy medium for now.
I've used rm2k3 ever since the good ol days, and although I've tried XP, it just wasn't the same...I never really grew into it, plus I was so good at 2k3 now, I could do pretty much anything! From 4 player battle systems to a custom menu, yep...and I just love it! Yes it's outdated and it has it's days...but it's still my favorite program to use! Plus...I vowed to finish at least THREE games before moving on. I haven't tried VX perhaps that will be the next step, as I do admit...times are changing.
For those that are complaining about RMVX's tileset issue, try downloading KCG's Tileset_Extension script, translated by MrAnonymous at It's kind of an odd way of using multiple tilesets, but it works pretty well, and it's probably better then dealing with RMXP's terrible performance - it also allows you to edit directional movement limitations, an oddly missing feature in RMVX.
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I acknowledge the fact that in terms of customization and whatnot, VX and XP are superior to RM2K3, but I personally like RM2K3 the best mainly due to experience. I don't understand what's is the issue with this "Engine War" going around. To me, it doesn't matter what the tool of trade is, as long as the product it makes in the end is good. So the game can be made in RM95 for all I care, and if its an actual good game (how rarely do we even get those nowadays), then its all good.
It seems like everyone chose what they're more comfortable with, which is 100% understandable. For instance, if you're already master at RM2k3 and you can do everything that you need to do, there's really no point in moving on. I have to say that's why I chose XP, because it's something I have more experience with.
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it also allows you to edit directional movement limitations, an oddly missing feature in RMVX.

This is the feature that annoys me the most about RMVX. But there's a script for it... NOW FINDING BRB.

also, I think making the switch from RM2k to VX was alot easier for me than most people.. I've been out of the RPGMaking loop for around 5 years, so it was easy to come back to the latest gen engine, since I had to pretty much re-learn everything anyway.

The Auto-tiling is pretty damn annoying, but it can be bypassed, and through some mickey mouse mapping, you can make things look good. Makeshift, but good. (protip: holding down "shift" when using an autotile ignores the auto-tiling function temporarily)
RMVX hands down, only reason why people pick 'XP' is because of the mapping issue, anything can be fixed through scripts. Even the RMXP RGSS2 upgrade failed and was really laggy.

Though I do hate how blocky it makes the maps though, that's one thing what I liked about xp.
I really only use 2003 so i would have to say that.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
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Though I do hate how blocky it makes the maps though, that's one thing what I liked about xp.

made this in vx

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