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XD That's pretty sweet. The angle of the hills and the triangle dude is really well done.
Good job! :)
Maybe I could do mine early this week ......
youre still inside comfort zone imo

if you want to try something new: forget subject and imagination for a second. paint from a photo of a badly lit flower vase using a thick brush (about 1/40th of canvas). complete the image as fully as possible within 5 mins

This is really good advice.

2-3 hours is a speed painting? I thought that meant more like 3-5 minutes.

He's right about that too.

If you just want to create and share, that's cool, doing what you're doing right now works.

If you want to improve however, drawing from life is really the only way to do it. Froget imagination for a while and see how things really work in real life.
Yup. It is. I appreciate you chiming in.
For me this series it's all about creating and doing something to keep myself at it, so it works for what it does. I should've updated the description then. I did it now.

I still need to do more additionally for myself, and I'm back to doing some pencil work, too.
See it as a fun distraction.
I believe I made this one for the dancing theme, but forgot to post it. Sorry!

Sweet :)

For me!
Today's still on.

Starting next week is: Masquerade

I wanted to do a dragon .. so I did.

Next week: Glacier / Arctic

.. uhm .. I'm late. sorry.

This week's theme is ROBOTS

Next Week's Theme is : Scary / Uncanny

I whipped up the sketch in a few minutes, will likely finish it later together with my sis, she's too tired today.


My sis is late and did robot today so I rudely made the theme for next week Halloween, haha.
It's that time of the year anyhow.
Resident foodmonster

I tried one for spooky!
Resident foodmonster
Halloween theme!

Been busy with university .. sorry!
Resident foodmonster

Tried a tree! I forget if that's what we're up to speed painting wise, tried for 30 min.
Infantry for life!
Ehhh my eyes....
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