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Music Theme Perfect for An RPG Game! Enjoy this royalty free song and use it for your characters in your game!

Town RPG Music for RPG game developers! Rpg Paper Maker OST includes now a Town theme with great sense of beginning for an adventure!

Ancient Chinese Music for a sad story! Best traditional sad Chinese instrumental music to listen! Like from an old Chinese tale.

Ehru and other Chinese instruments bringing you quality chinese music with Ancestral Mist on the Mountain. In old sad tales a hero leaves his village with sadness in his heart. This Chinese song is made to imitate that feeling. Sad Ancient Chinese Music has great feeling to bring you into tears but also to the moment of beauty.

Ancestral Mist of The Mountain is to inspire to ancient China and its traditional beautiful culture. Journey to the east by listening this sad yet atmospheric song. Old traditional Chinese stories has many things that fascinate. I hope this song gave you same fascination back.

Mongol music for Lord of the rings. This ancient land only mentioned in LoTR books. Battle of Middle Earth original song.
Listen and download Shelter, atmospheric futuristic royalty free music by eluukkanen.

NEW ALBUM RELEASE - Folklore - Orchestral Fairy-tale Music!

New album release at eluukkanen. Fairytales and folklore come to life! Listen now down below!

Folklore is the cradle of a culture. Many stories told by men and women even long ago have yet stayed with us. Stories that warned and taught lessons to our children. Culmination of stories passed down to generations. This is what Folklore is here to achieve. Folklore is a brand new album by Elias Luukkanen. Connecting theme for the songs is the child-like wonder often seen in fairy-tales. Songs travel back go to European folklore roots and come back with curious and touching melodies.

Listen Orchestral Fairy-Tale Music from Folklore Album! Brings the fantasy alive with high quality orchestral music.

Enjoy epic story royalty free music introduction! Beginning of a story with classic words: “Once Upon a Time.”

A new eluukkanen royalty free music release! Story-driven tales need background music for cutscenes. All epic tales need a beginning. Once upon a time is here to show you that very beginning of a story. Epic fantasy orchestra violin music gets you in the middle of the action! Get excited to listen violin music with quality instruments and tunes!

Download Link:

Relaxing Free Travelling Music to listen to! Listen a catchy tune for your next travelling session!

Travelling music is needed sometimes when the road is long. A new eluukkanen royalty free music release is here to help with that! Beautiful and relaxing travelling music for next time you decide go hiking! Relaxing guitar music and flute melody accompany you on your journey! Path forward is clear and new adventures await you! Experience beautiful travelling music with Path Forward! Free guitar music for your next trip! Travelling music dnd when adventure awaits!

Instrumental Travel music for all tastes! That is why you need story music like this to get yourself to the travelling music background mood! Listen more free music and get a free download to use in one of your projects.
Listen Dark Cave Ambient Music with orchestral quality! Get to hear Quality Royalty Free Music for a cave or a dungeon.

Your RPG adventure takes you into a mysterious cave, with dark cave music playing in the background . A new eluukkanen royalty free music release to create a great cave ambient to your cave dungeon! Unnerving orchestral violin music creates an atmosphere of a damp, flithly cave infested by goblins and other horrid creatures. This dungeon offers a fair challenge for any D&D party going in. Dark cave background music plays as you discover how deep those caverns are. Excellent choise for a game developer or a dungeon master looking for cave music for their journey. Dark caves and deep dungeons with solo harp and strings make the experience true for the fairy tale aestetic! Undeground Network is loopable background music that can be easily used when building caves. Free cave music is hard to find with calm orchestra. Instrumentals for this dnd music will be remembered by the listener for quite some time.

Download Here
Free Sad Music to download for free! Listen beautiful sad music and experience the sadness of loss.

Sometimes there can be dark moments in your life. Sometimes you want to be left alone. This sad free music is made to show that emotion. Listen beautiful sad music by eluukkanen! New Royalty Free Music for your projects free to download! Synth and violin brings the true sadness to the forefront with the Sadness of Loss.
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