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I recently decided to develop my game in RMXP, because it's just so much more versatile in the long run. So I was creating some sprites and stuff like that on idraw, when I noticed that.....

RMXP doesnt follow the same rules as RM2k and RM2k3 for color tranparencies!!!! OH NOES!!!

ACK! Does anyone happen to know how the transparency works in RMXP? Is it only one specific colour? Can I change the transparent color?


It is way easier than 2k3.

There are two ways for transparency on XP:

Normal way: Paint all the transparent areas on your image the color you want it (say pink), then just save it. Now open the import meno on RMXP and once the image comes to be imnported you will see two color squares bellow it, the first says transparency color, so click on the pink area on your image and it will be selected as transparent.

Alpha channel: You must have some different levels of transparency for a PNG file for it to work, but once it does you just import it without needing to pick a transparent color.

So, each file can have it's own transparency colour? That's NICE and will come in handy.

Can you explain the Alpha Channel way a little more? If it's useful/worth it? I'm having trouble understanding.
Well in 2k3 each file can have its own transparency color too, you just edit which color is transparent on Idraw pallete, but it is not as practical as RMXP import thing.

Now for Alpha channel: you must have either photoshop or something similar which lets you actually cut of the background of a image so it is transparent even if you open it on the internet (kinda like my avatar, it is an 80x80 pixel square, but you can only see the pictures inside it).

With this you can use semi transparency, like having a shadow bellow your character which is 50% transparent ou having a gradient transparency effect (just check the spell animations on the RMXP RTP). Since this implies that you have more than one transparent color, RMXP just accepts the transparency on the file.

No idea if this is any better explanation o.o
As a side note, RMVX does this very easily. You can just assign the color you want RMVX to recognize as the transparency in the image importer.
Yes, the detailed explanation helped me to understand a little better.

I'm completely oblivious to graphical things like this :'(

However, because of your help I'm able to continue my latest and greatest Squaresoft project!! :P

hehehe nice nice, want to see it =D *working on XP sprites myself*
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Hey Seraph, my XP seems to be kind of...not....on this comp? Also, VX is better and you can use the XP graphics in it (it just takes some dickering). So why go XP when there's a newer spiffier maker out? Just wondering.
Hey Max McGee get on AIM or check your e-mail.

*shrug* I just came back, and the last platform that I really USED was 2k. I saw 2k3 but I was already used to 2k, so I never even messed with it.

Now I'm back, and I saw XP and I liked it :P
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