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Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Welcome, my advice is: If you are an absolute begginer, don't try to make an rpg using any construct engine.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Have fun with it! Start small and make a mediocre first game and a fantastic second one.

For any engine make sure to read tutorials ad documentation but nothing beats just messing around in engine & getting your hands dirty.

I don't know how well it translates to other engines, but you may find this bloody-newcomer-tutorial helpful : )

Also I'm sorry it didn't actually help here but I'm glad to see my tutorial being recommended! Thanks Kyaila!

In terms of game design itself, whoo buddy do I have some resources for you! Pick and choose what looks interesting and then get that knowledge!

First off there's some great resources on RMN!

Check out the Game Design Highlights page!

We've got articles & tutorials too!

Plus there's lots of people here who like to help out!

Now for the offsite recommendations:


Industry News & Design Discussion:

Gamasutra - THE video game site.

GDC Vault - Resources and talks from the annual Game Developers Conference.

Pixel Prospector - Indie game dev help & news.

80 Level - Usually more casual than Gamasutra, but lots of good news, talks with artists/developers and tutorials.


Game Design Theory:

Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics Framework - My personal favorite approach to game design. Focuses on making a cohesive game where all parts help build up each other for the end player experience.

Three Hundred Mechanics - Three hundred unique game mechanics to help you brainstorm

Making your Game Accessible - General design tips on how to make your game accessible.


Design & Gen Development Videos:

In general these are all discussions about game design though sometimes they included talking about the industry as a whole.

Extra Credits

Game Makers Toolkit

3 Min Game Design

Level Design Analysis


Game Design Document Help:

(You don't have to make one but I like to)

Game Design Logs - Explains what a design log is and how to use it.

Game Design Documents - Explains what a GDD is and how to use it.

GDD Template - Note: immediately downloads a word doc template.

Doom Bible - Doom’s GDD.


Further Resources List

Good luck!!
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