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Even newspapers have those nowadays.
It seems to be based on the same buggy core framework RMMV is based on. Some of these bugs consist of:

- General lag (It has troubles to run on mid to low range systems where similar engines of more complex nature such as Unity or GM can run fine for 2D games.
- JavaScript. JavaScript never changes. It's always has been one of the slowest sceripting languages and the only reason V* engine gave any sort of improvement is because it basically caches everything throwing as much memory at the JS as possible. Which again, contributes to the previous point. Lua would be much better scripting backend, especially if it'd be LuaJIT
- Audio lag, because RM MV is dumb and decides to load entire music file instead of streaming it like any sane engine does. And don't say that it's not possible - DSE-AudioLagFix proves it is.

Not saying PGM MV will have these as well for sure but given the fact some of these issues are inherent to the technologies in use in both and higher than likely chance PGM MV will have similar plugin architecture to RM MV, it's almost certain these issues will move onto PGM MV.
Calm down, dude.
What you said will not happen, because pixel game maker mv is based on a totally different core.

RMMV uses pixi.js as its rendering engine.
PGM MV is based on cocos2d-x.
Basically minus this announcement you can't really conclude what's going to "suck" until it's released. Speaking of release you can complain once early access is available but I don't expect PGMMV to have the issues that plagues MV and hope to god a proper tile mapping tool is available, saw slopes so fingers crossed.

I do hope that it is new code and that most of the tools weren't just retooled from AGM/IGM as that would suck...

I plan on checking it out once I can buy it, but I do suspect people switching over from MV if they're planning on doing A-RPGs since MV is pretty slow...

Since cocos2d-x is used I expect a pretty snappy experience, I'm actually surprised cocos2d wasn't used for MV or moved in recent versions as it offers some pretty interesting features over pixel...
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
I mean yes, in that all game engines suck.
I'm pretty sure this would belong in general discussion..
And I can't say if it will suck yet or not, it's not released yet.
Just calm down.. and take a sip of some tea or something.. have a seat in a comfy chair and relax..
I share your worries, but we can't jump to conclusions or assume anything until the software is out.
There's already a thread to talk about this in the General Discussion forum. Please divert to there.
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