Guardian of the Description Thread
Been playing some Persona 5. I'm up to I think mid-May in that game, with maybe two weeks before Matarame's exhibit ends? I really like how it displays time left, and the active event that advances the plot. Fast travel is beautiful. I love the screen transitions in this game in general, though. The one worry in my head is the difficulty curve in this game. I'm the kind of horrible that used cheat codes in Persona 4 for unlimited money items, and max social stats to reduce the amount of grinding necessary and to generally have more time for social links.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
marrend, you can boost stats while hanging out with people sometimes now, as well as hang out with multiple people at once. there's a pretty wide variety. just play and enjoy the game. :)
i've been playing / watching my friend play Wind Waker, and I myself have been playing Stardew Valley, HunieCam Studios and Corpse Party
Currently playing Skyrim, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Explorers of Sky. Waiting for Pokemon Crystal to come out on the 3DS and for the Stardew Valley Vita port.
Hoo boy...

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven - got it for cheap, impressed me so far but it's also kinda budget

Arc Rise Fantasia - pluggin away. The game is easy easy easy NOT EASY OMG easy easy easy OMG WHAT!?

Tales of Xillia - am I... at the end of the game? The middle? I have no clue!? It feels like both!!

Fantasy Waifu Breeding Program Simulator 2013 (Fire Emblem Awakening) - the game is getting less intimidating, but I still don't feel like I have a real handle on what's best to do when.

Oh Right and Persona 3 still - so many relationships now - should I just focus on a few, I wonder? I mean, some of these jokers are real losers.
I've been having many a late night playing Earth Defense Force 4.1. It's so bad it wraps back around to being awesome. The gameplay is simple and addicting and there's something cathartic about shooting the ever loving shit out of giant insects.

I've also been playing Secret of Mana on android while I wait for the remake on PS4 and PS Vita.
Persona 3 and 5: 3 is definitely a grindfest but I do like it, I just have a problem with very little happening in between the bosses and that the Tartarus bosses feel artificially/cheaply difficult. The second to last boss also took like half an hour to finish geez.

Persona 5's art direction is just eye candy and I really like the new way to get Personas/interact with Shadows.

Hollow Knight is something else I'm trying to finish. The lore is super interesting and the art is gorgeous too.
Been playing Solatorobo on the bus lately and trying to play Iconoclasts but I've been a bit too sick to play as often as I'd like. Great game so far though, it's probably the best I've played in a long awhile.

Ah yes, the DS game I bought because I knew one day, in like 8 years, i would want to play it and it will have only been available to purchase for like a week and a half before vanishing from store shelves completely, and then cost a arm and a leg.

EDIT: Checks Amazon - aaaaand that was a good purchase, yup. 300 - 600 dollars canadian for that puppy.
Yeah it blows my mind they bothered to bring it to NA but didn't bother to port it to 3DS eshop or something. I basically just use a pirate cart anyway, although Solatorobo had a weird anti-piracy measure that required manual patching on my part. It's definitely worth whatever means of getting it though (except 300+ dollars worth), the gameplay is pretty straightforward but the story and the world is wonderful.
I got Alundra on the PS1 on PS3 a while back and while it looks sharp and interesting the platforming the game demands from you is unreasonable for the engine the game is made on. It's an entirely 2d sprite game with 3d platforming. It makes it really difficult to gauge heights or positions. The character is also real sticky to walls, pushing a diagonal against a wall just stops you completely instead of moving along the wall. Plus the hitbox when dealing with platforms on spikes is bad, it's super easy to touch the spikes when trying to get close to an edge to make a jump or any time you're under time pressure.

oh, and don't forget conjoined moving platforms that randomly block your movement as you try to cross the seams!

I could dismiss it as a game from a quaint era of video games until the game decides it's time to make the player do some platforming puzzles! One frustrating one was a room with four flames in the middle, four braziers that need to be lit in each corner, a pile of spikes between the two, some single tile wide platforms to jump across, and water dropping on said platforms that douse any flame you pick up. Should you misjump, touch any spikes, or lose any flame to water you have to start the whole room over again. Thankfully the penalty for failing wasn't a big time loss (except when I ran low on health and had to refill it at a save point) but I hated the whole process. It isn't even just big things like that but lots of little platforming bits across all the dungeons in the game. It's slowly chipping away at my will to keep playing.

I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it but I still have some patience left. I do hope my bestbud Septimus doesn't bite it too

e: also want to say that is a A+++ avatar Darken
I'm currently playing Tales of Zesteria, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Atelier Rorona in the PS3 xDD

I really love these RPGs and I can't wait to finish them. :D
Playtesting my game The New Earth. It's uhhh... interesting. Maps that cross wires on entrances and exits. Hilariously awful battles. Terrible dialogue and scene.
Fighting it up in Dragon Ball Fighterz, having fun with using Yamcha, 16 and Nappa. Planting dumbass trees with 16 is surprisingly satisfying, and doing crazy combos with Yamcha is fun as hell! :D
My attention, as is the norm, is constantly split.

On the TV I am alternately playing Rodea The Sky Warrior (and regretting it immensely) and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I accidentally dropped Tales of Xillia, Ni No Kuni, and Breath of the Wild.

On the 3DS I am stalling on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

On the PC... oh god. Not counting freeware and demos, I am juggling heavily modded Skyrim (I can't keep away from the Relics of Hyrule mod), modded Oblivion, somehow modded New Vegas uninstalled itself, Mainlining, CrossCode, and Secrets of Grindea.
Apparently I still have installed Ara Fell, Data Hacker, Soma Spirits, Pony Island, Hyper Light Drifter, The Legends of Owlia, Owlboy, and Pharaoh Rebirth+.
I keep getting dragged back into Starbound.
And then there's the stuff I got around the Winter Sale: Hollow Knight, the Blackwell series, Fable The Lost Chapters for some stupid reason, LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Lord of the Rings, Titan Quest Anniversary, Apotheon, Beyond Reality, Strikey Sisters, BOOR, Hylics, Kingdom Classic and Kingdom New Lands, Why Am I Dead At Sea, and Ninja Senki DX (and I didn't finish the freeware version either go figure).

Mobile is just as bad as PC but at least it is narrowed down to mostly just P&C, Puzzle, and RPGs due to usually terrible controls with platformer and action games.

It is kind of impressive how much I can get for how little but yee gods I need to just stop and focus on one thing at a time... or place a hard stop on myself and finish the games I have before getting new ones.
I'm trapped in the twin time sinks of Rimworld and Warframe.

Rimworld being "What if Dwarf fortress was playable by people who don't have engineering PHDs, and was also sci-fi?"

And Warframe being "What if we had a shoot-and-loot type game where you can ninja flip all over the place so fast it's ridiculous?"

Send help. :o
Hey hey! Dwarf Fortress isn't NEARLY as impenetrable as say, Aurora.
Just started playing FF Dissidia Opera Omnia, it's pretty good :^)

I was tired of playing FFBE, this is a nice change of phase for me.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Swapping in between FF10 and Parasite Eve emulation-wise, and still going strong with Persona 5 on PS4.

Persona 5

Infiltrating Sae's Palace. I practically did half of it in one go. Too bad I didn't know about the cognitive barrier, otherwise, I probably would have included that event in that run as well. I've still got either fifteen or sixteen days to go, so, I'm not really worried about it.

Final Fantasy 10
I'm about to witness Operation Me'hen. A heroic sacrifice, maybe, but, an ultimately pointless one. Of course, this is exactly why Yevon allows it, but, perhaps this isn't the place to discuss that.

Parasite Eve
I don't know how many times I've played this game, but, I've never climbed the Chrysler Building. The play I'm doing now tries to fix that, but, to be honest, I don't think I would make it very far without cheat codes. As of this writing, I've made up to floor 50.
Currently playing through Resident Evil 5 which is as well paced as it is uncomfortable...


Wonderboy Returns because I grew up playing the original Wonderboy on the Master System to death. Its a great continuation... as in it carries over all of the flaws of the original and outside of the way going from level to level works fixes nothing. Looks nicer thought.