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(this is for rm2k3) i'm having trouble with getting credits to roll......i want them to role in the very beginning of the game as my little intro sequence is going. i can get them to appear one by one like i want by using a show picture event but it makes the screen kinda fuzzy-like and it flickers a bit. is there another way i can do this?oh and i have the screen panning at the same time.
Im not sure if you want it to scroll down or right ... but I would just make a super sized picture with all the text included and then get it to slowly scroll in the direction you want.... ? any good

do you mean like the star wars intro?
i want them to scroll from the top-down, but without them blocking anything underneath.
Yeah, the big picture with all the words on it would work, but then when you import the picture, you can chose which color is the "see-through" color. So White letters on a Black background, then make the Black part as the invisible part. Only the letters will show when you do a Show Picture. Then, just move that picture in the direction you want it to scroll.
thanks a lot that is a great help :)
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