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Why did you remove the link, it was really good.
Anyone else has Mikkoku, the coin war from Chiyu?
I remember trying out an older version of RPG Maker (I think 2000, not sure) and I had played a game. The hero went by the name of Ryan or Pyan, and had almost a Neo (Matrix)-like appearance. I believe there was a villain named Vilgore. I don't precisely remember but I think it was mostly RTP.

The hero's group was pretty big, I want to say like 6-8, and each character had an ultimate weapon to find.

It wasn't necessarily the pinnacle of gaming, but it's a nagging itch in my memory I want to scratch. :)
Does anyone have The Lost Legend IV the Guardian of Light?
I'm having trouble find a english version of Taut that isn't missing the file "tautmen". Anyone?
SnowOwl, is the file you are referring to called "tautmen├╝.png" in the system folder? I didn't know if you left out a character cause it was accented. I went through my taut game folder that I have, and that is the only filename that was even close to what you are looking for. I have three versions of Taut though, so maybe one of them has it. (English version, french version, demo version)
This is the error I'm getting:
Could you upload your english version to mediafire or somewhere?

That is the English version I have. If that one doesn't work for you, I will take a look in the french one and the demo one, and maybe one of them has the file.
Yeah that version doesn't seem to be working for the same reason. Thanks for trying.
Could it be the accented character (├╝) that's causing the problem?
Alright, I think I found something that may fix the problem. I read on this page that the wrong RTP was mentiioned to use with Taut, and the game isn't playable without modifying it (the game itself, not the rtp:

Now, they have a version of Taut, that says it is fixed. The file is larger, so I am going to assume your error is fixed on it. It comes to 22MB instead of 12MB.


It also says that you need the RPG Maker 2k3 RTP instead of the RPG Maker 2k RTP:

It says that specific one for some reason. *shrugs* Maybe any 2k3 RTP will work.

I hope this fixed it for you. If this doesn't work, I don't have a clue besides the accented character thing.

Extra Information:
Apparently, the German one got further developed than this English one is. I am unsure if there is an English Translation that started on the newer versions, or even where to find them. He mentions it at the end of the initial post on neogaf.
Does anyone have The Lost Legend IV the Guardian of Light?

This guy might, since he made it. Unfortunately, he's been inactive on that site for a little over 2 months but you may have some luck emailing him about it.
If he doesn't respond within 2 weeks then...I have an alternative *eyes shift maniacally* No I don't :(

I Founds it. VVVVV

Still the same error with Taut. Dunno what the guy packing together the english version was doing, but it's not working with any of the RTP's I've tried (which is like 5 of them). Thank you for the effort, TheChosenFew.
Heyo SegNin~ Do you have the Alex games from GW?
Alex/Jenq(?) was never released, was it?
Lost Legends IV:

Use solidfile or Gamefront to DL; the others are poop.
Does anyone have a working link for Shichimenchouken?
Does anyone have a working link for Shichimenchouken?

I have shichimenchouken, however the the creator has no desire to have it distributed If I remember correctly. I'll PM you a link if you promise not to redistribute it (again, it's technically what I'm about to do now).

EDIT:Actually, the above might be wrong. So I'll Just put it here:

If it isn't though, you got this DL from DAPooPzMasta4001, not me.
Thanks a lot!

EDIT: may someone please reupload Homeland (the Earthbound-like game whose link on the main page is currently down)?