Does anyone still happen to have a copy of hero story dragons or a link to it. Would really appreciate any help. That was one hell of a game

There used to be a copy on megaupload but that now is gone so kinda need a new link

I made Hero Story: Dragons, and Hero Story: Swords. OMG if you can find Dragons I would greatly appreciate it! I have the code for Swords! never finished the game but I think my version is further along then what I published :)

Anyone please connect with me if you have it, I'd love to see it and play it again!

I have found it

Here is the media firelink

EDIT: The midi music files are a fucking stroke of genius for this golden RPG. I have converted them to high quality .m4a files that can be put on music devices and they sound just like the real thing (used microsoft midi data). They are in a separate folder from the game.
Lots of old games that I still remember from back in the day.
Alright. I am going to fulfill some requests. :) I had one for The Sacred Garden by darkhalo from Deacon Batista in PM.

Also... Today is your lucky day, lastrebelalive. Here is Dreamscape. :)

Any other requests? I'll try to fulfill some stuff to get the ball rolling.

EDIT: Also, Trihan... Here is Tundra for you. =)

I download Sacred Garden but the text don't appear in the dialogue box. Have any idea how to fix this?
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We should probably lock this topic. The topic to post in to request rare/obscure games is this one, and has been for some time.