Hi, I am looking for a rpgmaker vx game called Valhalla Ultimate Card Battle Game.

The only download link I have found in the past is hosted on a site that no longer exists. If anyone has this game and can provide a download link that would be amazing.
This is like, Christmas in May, thanks for doing this! :)

EDIT: Thanks for fixing the links <3
You, Sir, are amazing. Thank you very much.
Do you have Fatal Limits by chance?
Fatal Limits - Demo:

Alright. Now I need something.

I need to get my hands on another version of Shades: Chapter 0 - Gray by Raiju. Actually, anything by Raiju, if Raiju made anything else. :) The version I have does something weird, and has a popup box that says "no?" anytime you leave the screen or when you start up the game. It's one of my favorite RMXP games. I know there is a version that doesn't have the popup. I used to have it. There might also be a way to remove it, but I don't really know how to go about that.
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Holy crap, you are an actual wizard.
EDIT: (The New Rare/Obscure Game Request Topic can be found here)

In the process of overhauling this thread (Thank You Darken, <3 Thank You TheGameArchivist, <3)

I'll edit this post, with a link to the new 2017 Rare/Obscure topic thread, once it's finished.

These are the last 3 requests I could manage to fulfill from the last 3 pages:

Legend of Zelda - Time Menagries

Genesis Project 2 - (Gens 2)
Homeland - (2k3 Markus not the latest one, will need to double check)

My last request from this thread, before finishing the new one:

Does anyone have Deltar Star? I'll have to double check my notes, but I think,
It's the only GamingGroundZero game I couldn't save before the site went down
- everytime I tried to get the link, it wouldn't work.

GamePlay Footage:

But yeah, keep your eyes peeled for the new thread.
I remember trying to download Delta Star in 2004 and the link was dead even back then.
So this one's a bit of a long shot but I'm out of options. It wasn't exactly the cream of the crop, but I'm looking for an odd little game that was hosted on phanxgames way back when.

It was called "Dark Age of the Prophecy." It no longer exists anywhere, even on the Wayback Machine and I need it. For reasons.
I remember trying to download Delta Star in 2004 and the link was dead even back then.

Well, small victory today then:

After some digging I was able to find DeltaStar.

It was on the list SegNin referred to from the German RPGMaker Community.

I'll put up a small 1 picture tutorial in the future, on how to navigate that thread,
because they also have a reasonably large archive of games there, I feel we should use as well.
(like, they don't have everything, like not the latest "Curse of Silence" 5MB download someone
was looking for, but enough that we should be referring to this list)

...I'll have to swift through what else I had downloaded from GGZ; there were a couple interesting apps and fonts for RM2k/RM2k3.

But other than that, yeah, we now have, at least, a complete set of the Games on GGZ before the site went down.
Since we have a new thread, I'm removing this one from sticky. If you want to refer back to this thread at times, I recommend saving a post in it so that you can find it easily enough (you can find your saved posts in the same area of your Account as your subscriptions).

Uh... I need help finding a certain game... which I don't remember the title.
This isn't a RPG Maker game, and it's a platform flash-like game. The main character is somewhat like a stickman, and the title is... Moonman-adventure-something? I played it around 8-10 years ago.

When you pressed S in-game, a white 'i' appeared, and when the game begin, there is a large tree, and if you climb it there will be a giant bird's nest. Then a giant bird will come and takes you to a volcano.
Another thing... this game is really bizarre and full of easter eggs, like invisible platforms and lots of deadly creatures...

The game is full-color, but from what I remember there are almost no text appeared in-game, not even a hovering one above some event like other stickman-kind game.
And a moon will always be visible in outside areas. Idk why but the sky is not dark.

I'm looking for a download somewhere, or at least a video playthrough someone played...

Sorry if it's too abstract >_<" I've been looking for this game for ages...
Anyone have Naufragar Crimson? The link on this thread (from almost a decade ago) does not work.
Anyone have Naufragar Crimson? The link on this thread (from almost a decade ago) does not work.

Hey Eliminator ❤

We updated the Rare/Obscure game's topic awhile ago,
it's now called "SegNin's Rare and Obscure Game's Topic." in honor of SegNin's early efforts towards archiving rpgmakergames

Naufragar Crimson should be on the master list under N:,

lemme know if you have any problems with the game.
Gotcha. Thanks. I did a google search and it led me to this topic.
Nvm don't know how i didn't see the posts right above this >_>
Does anyone have Bob's Big Adventure?
Does anyone have Bob's Big Adventure? (special thanks to anyon175)

("New" Rare/Obscure RM Games Thread):

I'll add anyon175's games to the mainlist tonight. sorry guys, just kind of swamped at the moment.