is it too late for ironhide facepalm
good job saving the screenshot topic guys
i'm proud of you

edit: fucking hell, really?

i haven't gotten any work done on my game recently, so you guys should talk more about this:
So, what happens when we select 'leave'? Does he come after us :O?!
I think the stats at the top looks pretty crowded. Also, maybe the text should start a new line after the colon? Like,

The berserker bellows :

Other than that it looks interesting and capture the feeling of NES game quite nicely :)


Piti got all the stages done and he made mock-ups to see how the characters will fit on each of them :O

I haven't even finished coding the first stage ughhh I hope I can finish this in time @_@'

I do agree with you that the animations seems a bit stiff but I'm afraid we don't have time to fix them at the moment because of the deadline :( I'll make sure to look into that once the game is finished and I have time or after the contest since we are planning on adding more stages and bosses, as well as fixing and improving stuffs.
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Dude these are fucking awesome......that fading effect is extraordinary.

Because we all know everyone loves the Rudras.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
My main problem with Rudras is that the actual game looks better than anything other people make, even if the map itself is solid. I also <3 Foxy more than every other RM* Rudras sidekick, and Dune waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than fucking Alrick.
I think you're taking this screenshot too seriously.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I just wanted to pre-empt anybody else that was going to say LOLRUDRAS.
Way to totally take the wind out of my sails.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
You're welcome. =3
Good idea with the text, hima. I'm aware of the problems with the HUD. It should be fixed and look less cluttered and more neat soon enough.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.
Hima and Allen, very very nice.

Anyways, for me, not really screenies, just sprites!
I've been workin' on these since september and these are the ones I'm planning on using. The other ones are for another game.

Here we have a large monster known as an Abbadan. Those horns aren't just for showing off to potential mates! They're carnivores and aren't afraid to gore their prey!

These are assorted creatures. Here we have the Viridis Attero, better known as "Snot Goo" near the top, the bat-like creature Tatua, the wall-scaling Selc and the grinning Blue Goo.

Finally, we have a Warmachine. Built by the Cordiemen Empire years ago, these are no longer in production. However, a certain man somehow was able to get one and is now wreaking havoc on a small town! I wonder what made him do this! Do I smell an optional boss?!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
d-bones, those look amazing. your art style reminds me of the guy who did crossbone way back when.

that war machine is incredible.
Thank you tardis. The War Machine took me like 2 and a half hours. It's what I do in computers class since I rock the work.
A berserker IS a human. Why would he be calling someone else "human"?
Hey teapot, the kettle just called to tell you that you're black.
Yes, you're right. Your berseker is a hypocrite.
There's more to him being a berserker, actually. The setting of the game is in Hell. The dimension of madness where the word "Human" is an abstraction.

edit: Sorry for being so vague about the game, guys. I'm not one for really advertising unfinished products.
That Warmachine is really awesome! I also like Snot Goo :D I find Abbadan a little weird though. The anatomy seems off somehow, but it isn't that big of a problem :)

So finally some SCREENIES!! And I mean real screenshots not just mock-ups

Title Screen. There'll be random things flying upward.

Alice arrived the Underground.

Cheschire Cat will be the one who teach you how to fight in the first stage.