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Well... I'll be posting here my art things lol ><


So... This is the main character of my upcoming RM2K project, Project TOWER. I plan it to be as simple as possible... But I hated all the characters I was able to get using simple sources such as charas and stuff, so I went complex and, well... IO'm gonna sprite them. ¬¬
I want to make this as simple as possible.... But I just can't hold my customization impulses, I'LL NEVER FINISH ANYTHING WAAAH

Gotta post the otehr protagonist soon. And they're both WIPS, as I can't finish them in this PC... :/

This is the only decent mugshot of my main char. I want him to look frail, not Barbie'ish. x.x
It doesn't work, tough... I got to try harder.

I would like this. But his face is, again, Barbie'ish. It's TOO girly. I never draw men, so this kinda happens. Gotta traaaain!



I kile this, but the animation is odd.

The second one... yeah, too girly. But the first one is not bad at all, I think you accomplished what you wanted, it looks frail but it has a certain look of determination on his face; the background is weird thou'

I also like the chara, because it looks to be dancing in place rather than swinging his arms, Heh;
Really need to watch the shape of the torso on the guy. His face is not the only thing that looks feminine...
Your mom is a hero
Karsuman is an expert on the shape of the female ass - you can trust his assessment.
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Overall, the guy is too curvy. Give him more of a square jawline and straighten out his torso/hips. and a little muscle definition wouldn't hurt either.
Ok, thank you, people. I did some more linearts, but since once again I was stripped of my PC...
I'll show you later! ^^

I can just leave you with some DA stuff. :Y


Just that. Indeed, he was so curvy and strange that looked like one of those ugly Barbie dolls.
I want my characters to resemble... Marshmallows. xD
(not plastic. Not at all.)

Anyways, xOxO 8D


Edit: Found it.

but he looks too mature in this one. e_e'
Damn. u.u

Edit2: Anatomy huge flaws ftw
Yeah, he's got boobs. Way too curvy.
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I like the way you draw your face but your bodies are a bit ... too long. Also he is too curvy for a guy. If you want to give him shape, don't make him curve inward in the middle.
Hmm... I like my bodies being long, however, you were right on everything else you all said. I'll be fixing this on my newest things... Thanks a lot! Hey, I just learnt how to properly use my pens...

So, this was a technique test, don't mind the anathomy. xD
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You can keep the bodies long, but he waist doesn't need to curve in.
You can get away with curves on males. However, even on an effeminate male character the shoulders still need to be a little bit wider than the hips or it'll almost certainly read as female. Scarf doesn't really help, but Square Enix gets away with dressing guys in far more ambiguous things than that so I suppose it's just a matter of taste.

Great work though. I like a lot of the stuff on your Deviant Art.
Update on the first post! Thanks guys!
I gave up drawiong men for awhile. u_u
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