Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Oh, the red cells are situations where no state change will occur (e.g. if you've just got hit into a hole, you won't go into a falling animation until the hit animation is over).
I've been working on a bunch of different projects in different environments since I kinda sorta disappeared from here. Some have been game related, some not. My main game projects at the moment are a bare-bones 6502 emulator in the Godot game engine, an implementation of Chip's Challenge also in Godot, and a package for neoSphere (the successor to the Sphere game engine, as the name would imply) to convert Tiled maps to a map format more directly usable by neoSphere.

Working on a 2D tactical RPG. Codename: Mystery Babylon. I can't post about it on RM Web, so figured I'd share it here.


I'm working on a project that will likely end up being a visual novel with a variety of different paths to take that will ultimately determine the ending. I've got a bunch of stuff drafted out, I just need to actually get to work on it, and figure out how on earth I'm going to put the visuals together. If you want to read about it, I've opened up the draft here. Would love some feedback and maybe help on the idea.
I'm chugging away at my decade-long work in progress. Very gradually it is coming together. Crazy to think how much of my life I've already devoted to this despite no one having seen so much as a screenshot....
Back to work on my Lunar inspired JRPG, Rondo of Twilight. Got main hero’s sprite set to work for walking, made a title screen and game over screen, and made some updated versions of a few characters artwork.

First three are hidden cause I didn’t think they’d be THAT big
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I am remaking one of my older projects in Godot. Just finished some of the unit control and movement.

I won't make a gamepage, since there was some controversy regarding the originals story and the parody of some real rightwing/religious people. Nevertheless this video is just showing game mechanics and I might adapt the system later on for a fantasy project that doesn't have the aforementioned problems.
So this is the first time I'm sharing anything related to my game here. What I got are showcases of two skills, of which their effects activate on the enemy's turn, rather than the player's. (Please excuse the placeholder animations)

Spike Trap

A trap skill. Once it's set down, it will activate on an enemy's next melee attack, interrupting it and dealing damage to the enemy.


Replaces the Evade command against most melee attacks. In addition to negating an enemy's attack, it will also deal damage to the attacker's AP.
Over the last 11 months I've been working on a series of games.
Basically every month I dedicated my time into working on a project and try to change it up every month. I'm on the last two days and I have to say I'm pretty proud of what I've been able to do (despite its ups and downs).

Here are two images from two different games.
I don't know how I want to showcase it (either in a collection or in separate game pages (which Idk that's probably not allowed) after a break when the year's over.
Also cheers to 2022!
EDIT : SRY, nothing works. forget that
Making a DND style battle system for my VX Ace Fantasy/Isekai parody game. While I dev out the battle system and learn scripting I made a small game area to test concepts out. Having fun with learning the battle system >.>

I'm working on a Deluxe version of Croix Celeste by Sill Valt ( Original game : https://www.rpg-maker.fr/jeux-853-croix-celestes.html ).
This is including 16/9, a new battle HUD, and a new battle result screen !
Next step :
Finish the 16/9 incorporation, and making a CMS :)
After a whole lot of truly depressing IRL stuff happenned, I decided to replay one of my games, Glories Of The Hunt, hoping it would cheer me up a bit.

While replaying it, and falling in love with my combat system again, I thought "You know, why don't I go and add those 3 optional bosses I wanted to make when I first made this game?"

And almost overnight I managed to get the first of them done. And it turns out that RPGmaker combat design is actually really therapeutic for me. It managed to be the thing that finally rebooted my motivation.

Sooo, I'm now about half done adding the new optional bosses, and I'm really happy with the fun new fight mechanics I made for them.

Here's a pic of the first of the three new bosses, the Blue Maelstrom!

Hello! Here are what I'm working on. It's a game that you are a dog and walk on a forest(like a dungeon). Don't have estory yet (I'm focus on the gameplay). There are puzzles and a simple action combat. And no name yet. That's it!

Hello! Here are what I'm working on. It's a game that you are a dog and walk on a forest(like a dungeon). Don't have estory yet (I'm focus on the gameplay). There are puzzles and a simple action combat. And no name yet. That's it!

I think those maps could use a bit of tall grass here and there to help break up the monotone ground, but other than that, they look pretty nice! :)
Hey all, I'm new here. I'm more of a lurker over on RPG Maker Forums... so hi!

Today's pretty significant for me though because I've released a demo & trailer of a game I've been working on for quite some time.

I'll just plonk this here. For whoever feels like checking it out - I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Okay, so it turns out I don't know how to use the internet and can't successfully embed a youtube video. I'll just link it here the long way: