I'm working on my first game in RPG Maker 2000!
Finally getting more work done. I've just reuploaded the demo and am almost done with Chapter II. This damn city will have three maps (districts), and I'm still stuck on the first one (due to using specific tiles to resemble a medieval Italian city):
Trying to think of a title for my next project, everything's all worked out except for that one detail.

At the same time, I'm trying to put in an effort to keep on working away at my current project.
Currently working on ripping enemy sprites for this fan project I've been working on. Idle animations as I don't have an effective way of getting others due to issues with the firewall.

Of course, this second video had pre-ripped enemies and had other animations I could use. Still, ripping them myself is quite the experience.
A bunch of things actually. And I'm also an illustrator outside of RPG Maker, and I was in my local paper!!! Lol I'm quasi famous!!!!

I was doing a game "Twisted Destiny/Twisted Fate" for a while. But then, that one went on breaks because of work and life. :/ So much fun, life. I also was doing other ones like The Dark Dreamers, Rise of Darkness, Legends of Infinite, and much more, redoing an old game in RPG Maker 2000 now in 2003 with lots of custom animations that are quite Epic Elf inspired, lossa explosions!! KABANG!! Legends I have been doing since middle school, Twisted Fate also (kinda) around then, The Dark Dreamers was during and after college, Rise of Darkness prolly after before then. I'm doing one now called Monster Enigma R which is a revamp/redux version of the original because the original was NOT good. Thanks RPG maker 2003!!!

I was also making Danny's Adventure 3, Beyond the Nightmare of the Elven World, and then another called Hero's Crusade. Trying to make old games like Danny's Adventure and Nightmare of the Elven World not suck and feel more of a challenge, really. Hero's Crusade was supposed to be kinda similar to the Legend of Zelda, Super Nintendo in feel done with straight RTP but DONE WELL...PLEASE IT CAN BE DONE WELL I HAVE SEEN RTP DONE WELL. Yeah, I'm busy...whether any of these things ever come out, I dunno...
This project is almost done. Name and history are done.
Name: Super Good Boy.
Launch date: ???

A game in which you have to move dice to advance. Various mechanics (will) make it a challenging puzzle. There's no real demo yet. However, there's a submission for a german Game Jam, in which I participate.

I'm developing the english version at the same time.

Technically it's an emulator (or will be, right now it's just a mostly complete albeit very simple 6502 assembler) not a full game, but I've been working on GD6502 in the Godot game engine
German version of the game, so you don't really have to pay attention to the text. Just wanna introduce the new dice design and showcase a few new characters.

At some point GD6502 started turning from a 6502 assembler+emulator into an IDE (still with a still very incomplete 6502 assembler+emulator). Yay feature creep!
My mind is full of fuck.
Uploaded a demo of Spirit Reachers.
I've been working on a special battle type for Bloodstained Hands for the arena battles. Near the end of the game, after you've beaten the Death Games side quest, if you talk to the orator of the games again, he'll offer a special match, sort of like the Battle Square matches in FFVII. It's a gauntlet of random enemies, one from each game region, but leveled to the party leader, and each enemy gets progressively stronger. The final enemy is one of ten random bosses from somewhere in the game. The fight is solo, however, so it's a lot harder than it normally would be, and there are modifiers that come into play between each round. If you're really unlucky, the monsters can get stronger, or you can be put to sleep, but if you roll double sixes, you'll get an extra party member to help out for the rest of the gauntlet! And the rewards are worth it.

Currently working on a project for IGMC called Song of the Bereaved, just finished the first finalized design for the MC.
Currently working on a project for IGMC called Song of the Bereaved, just finished the first finalized design for the MC.

So pretty!
Currently working on a project for IGMC called Song of the Bereaved, just finished the first finalized design for the MC.

So pretty!
Thank you!
Made a blog about the decision for my game, Song of the Bereaved.

The decision revolves around UI and screen resolution problems on RPG Maker VX Ace.

You can read it here

Also, posted the initial design for the menu for the game.

Recently finished a weapon comparison system as seen above.

Getting back to working on more item graphics for the menu system like seen below.

Guardian of the Description Thread
Had a bout of writing a couple of days ago. I figure I could maybe write one more scene before adding them to the game, and generally going through my to-do list.