These songs just speak to me somehow... So nostalgic.

Sadness and disrepair. Bittersweet summer memories.
Babymetal's second album will be in stores in a couple of days :D HYPE!

Undertale is one the best tracks in UNDERTALE.
Got this on repeat as I jot down ideas.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
^Pretty much the only Radiohead track I ever listen to...

The last minute of this track - my word.

(FYI, this is one of the original members of Yellow Magic Orchestra)
I've been finding that Radiohead is really good for sticking on whilst playing Starcraft 2. So chill. Especially their recent stuff. People who like Radiohead should make sure they listen to Thom Yorke's solo work:

I would have more makerscore If I did things.
A playlist:

And as a highlight:
That thing you want but never who I am

This earworm has me playing it daily.

Yes that is Shia Leboeuf. The girl is like 13 or 14 and was on some reality TV show about dancing.
Resident Nonexistence

I don't know why I like this considering I don't even speak the language, but they sound pissed about something

Wub wub?

Rust speaks to me on a level deeper than "Oooh wub wub yes~" which is always welcome.

Both have been playing nonstop and they're soooooo good! I could see people who dislike electronic music not liking them though so be warned.
Devil's in the details
I've been jamming to Anorax's SoS entry pretty much!

The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs

That guitar is so sick.
I really like this song!!! It's so upbeat!!!!

There’s a certain guy at work that this would be absolutely perfect for him for a theme song to a T.V. show if he ever had one.

Ah…good ol’ Jamesy.
The all around prick

One of my favorite boss fights in the whole game. Not only was it a freakin battle royal, but it had THIS playing in the background.

I love this game. I love this soundtrack. I love.
*hiccups drunkenly

It's a lot like my first anime some how and this moment.

I always felt very particular to how they were floating helplessly in space in this manor *hiccup, crying. Somgs nice too *hiccup