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I don't know how to even put in a character, or sprite if I remember correctly. Anyway, I have been looking for tutorials for this for about 2 hours, I have only found character sets and scripts, non of which actually tell you how to do them. But for now I just want to be able to actually put in a character other than the default one from the start. Right now I have a city with one character in it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok, what are you using? Rpgmaker (2k3? xp?) Gamemaker, ect.
I don't have VX, but I will do my best (based on 2K3)

Go to your 'Event' layer, and on your map a grid should come up. Double click on the square you want him on, then click where it says 'Event Graphic'. From there set the sprite to what you want, then you can edit him from there.

This should be right, unless it is radically diffrent from VX.
Thanks it worked :D
But that just raised further questions, so do you happen to know of any tutorials that are made for people who are completely new to this program?I dont want to keep taking up this forum, I can figure some things out for myself, but I need a good place to help get me started.
I am not sure how basic these tutorials are, but I found some here:
You could try this site as well. Check out the forum on it as it has some very helpful topics that might answer more of your questions.

Hope that helps. But remember, you can always ask here. That's why this topic is here.
Thanks to both of you. Iamnot, while I appreciate it, unfourtunately that site isnt so much for beginners. Demondestiny, I will check it out more but the site seems to be aimed more at flash and photoshop users. I might just stick to this forum where i know people are using the same program.
But thanks to both of you :)
I did however find this it is exactly what I would want but its for the 2003 version. Are the two versions similar by any chance? I will check that out myself soon, though. Oh and do you know if one version is better than the other? I just dont want to download something that turns out to be crap, VX took around 5 hours.
I tried downloading Demon Destiny but it didnt work, but that may just be my computer I have been having trouble with downloads lately.
There is really only two differences between rpg maker 2000 and 2003. In 2003 you can use more switches and are able to have more pictures in one map. Oh, and to me the sets are more better than in 2000. But they are relatively the same.

You say you can't download Demon Destiny. I will check it out now and see if something is wrong. Could you start the download or didn't it work when you tried to unzip it?
So 2000 and VX are the same? I thought VX was the new one.

It stoped mid-download saying there was some kind of error, sorry I dont remember the exact words. I clicked retry but just got the same message. I said I had been having trouble downloading recently, but in those situations it had said it was finished downloading, this one said there was an error, which hasnt happened to me before. I'll try again

EDIT: (file name) could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.
That came up after a minute or 2 of downloading
RM95 - Original rpgmaker. No one really uses this anymore.

RM2k - Big upgrade to RM95. Can actually make a reasonably good game with it.

RM2k3 - Pretty much an upgrade to RM2k, but with a buggy sideview battle system. Interface is pretty much the same as RM2k.

RMXP - First rpgmaker with scripting. Supports a higher resolution(640x480). Has slowdown problems.

RMVX - The last rpgmaker, made to be user-friendly. Best performance among the rpgmakers. Has a few annoying and somewhat serious problems related to tilesets, but it is the best of the rpgmakers otherwise.

RMVX and RM2k are in no way the same. RMVX is much more advanced.

Having said that, RMVX is probably easier to use overall, not counting the lack of graphic resources and scripting.

The best way to learn about any of the rpgmakers is to simply make a test game of sorts, trying out stuff as it comes. That tutorial, however, is not totally irrelevant to RMVX. The basic workflow is similar.
You'll also want this, if you haven't found it already.

It's part II of the tutorial you found; it talks about switches and variables, which you'll probably need to know if you're going to get anything done. Switches are (sort of) easy, while variables can be a bit tricky, but you'll need to know them sometime.
Just play around with the engine and read the helpfile when you get stuck. There is really no other way to learn at first.
author=Skull-Fire link=topic=845.msg11237#msg11237 date=1206969496
EDIT: (file name) could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.
That came up after a minute or 2 of downloading

That's strange. I just tried downloading it and it worked fine for me. If you haven't tried the links to rapidshare and savefile i suggest trying them. They can be found in the Game and Demo topic i created. Also, what browser are you using? I downloaded it with Opera and Firefox and it worked fine.
Try checking out this site:
Gaming World
It has pretty good turorials for the previous RMs, so it might have something for VX.
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